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iPoint Player

EUR 499

Perpetual license ยท One time license cost!

iPoint turns any TV monitor or computer screen into digital signage. Buy an iPoint player license for each computer screen or television that you want to use for your advertising and information. Create a playlist with audio, presentations, images, and movies and schedule when and where it should be displayed on the screens.

Show different playlists on different screens depending on location. Have special playlists or messages come up based on time of day, holidays, birthday wishes, special events or any other type of time-based content.

iPoint consists of 3 components:

  • This player license or component.
  • The server component that you install on an existing file server (like e.g. Microsoft Exchange or SharePoint), or on one of the player machines that you are using.
  • A scheduler component that you use e.g. on your computer to create playlists, schedule playlists and monitor your system. One scheduler license you get for free from us to get your iPoint system up and running. Optionally you can buy more scheduler licenses for your colleagues.

This player license also gives you the right to use DataPoint runtime edition. So you can create data-driven presentations with our DataPoint Standard edition on your computer, and then schedule these presentations for playback on your screens. A must for real-time data screens without updating your presentations.

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