Save money and employee time by automating your reporting process

Automated Reporting

Regular reporting is crucial to business operation and management. But each report represents a substantial effort from multiple employees.
Automating your reporting process using DataPoint increases the efficiency and quality of reports.

Solutions Automated Reporting
report automation with templates


Create a template once and automatically populate it at any time with the most current data.

Work from an established template to increase efficiency for all involved in the report.

automate reporting in minutes


Create reports in minutes.

Save time and labour costs associated with creating reports from scratch.

report automation with consistency


Easily compile data from multiple sources.

Collect data from multiple sources and software programs and seamlessly output it into a single report.
Reduce the risks associated with manual report creation.

report automation distribution and presenting


Distribute reports as presentations, print or distribute it via your company network.

Streamline your processes and enjoy continuity in design and information presented.

Software Solutions

DataPoint Logo


DataPoint is a PowerPoint Add-in that allows you to do all of the above- create report templates and establish real-time connection to nearly ANY data source to populate your reports and distribute them in multiple formats.

DataPoint Enterprise edition provides all the functionality of DataPoint, and adds the capability to use the command-line tool to trigger reporting, and mail merging.

Case Studies

solution for automated reporting software PowerPoint SG Nordic financial statements process flow chart

SG Nordic

SG Nordic, a private real estate investment company, uses DataPoint for reporting to create synchronization between all files and data sources so when one source is updated – the other sources will be automatically updated.

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automated report generating case study HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Nicole at Hewlett Packard Enterprise uses DataPoint on a monthly basis to assist in the creation of a report that is published to internal stakeholders. The design of the presentation remains the same each month, however, the data needs updating each month.

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