Easy to update and visually appealing Digital Signage for restaurants, bars, and cafeterias

Restaurant Digital Signage

Replace antiquated menus and specials boards with digital signage to share current information with customers.

Solutions Restaurant Digital Signage
report automation with templates

Easy Menu Updates

Create a master menu template and easily update products for a digital menu board.
schedule time-specific menus

Schedule Time-Specific Menus

Schedule digital signage changes for time-specific menus.
Automatically change menus from Breakfast to Lunch at whatever time you want.
Share seasonal and holiday menus.

daily specials

Daily Specials

Create a master daily specials template that updates automatically when the daily special data source is updated.
Schedule change in signage for repeat specials on specific days or at specific times.

menu accuracy

Menu Accuracy

If something is out-of-stock or changes prices, easily change signage.

Software Solutions

iPoint transparent logo


iPoint lets you create and manage playlists of digital menu boards, advertising, music and other digital signage components.
Manage your digital signage on-site or remotely using the Internet.

Case Studies and Articles

fruit farmer digital signage 1

Fruit Vanhellemont

Vanhellemont uses DataPoint to display digital signage for their shop. Today, our DataPoint software is running all day when the shop is open.
A continuously updated slideshow, running on a computer and television screen, shows:

  • Business hours
  • Showcase their webshop
  • National and international news based on RSS feeds
  • Local weather information and forecasts
  • Running product promotions
  • Price list
  • Reference to their Facebook page, with the number of likes in real-time
  • Posters of local events

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ditital menu boards

Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards are easily changed from a computer in a few seconds. And the colours remain vibrant.

Because they are digital, menu boards can do much more than just show a menu. The monitors can also show advertising, specials, videos, news, weather and upcoming events either as part of the menu or as a quick screen flash away from the menu.

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Multiscreen Premium PowerPoint template for multiscreen menu boards in restaurants - hamburgers

Multiscreen Digital Menu Boards

If your digital menu is too large for one screen, use PowerPoint to create a multiscreen digital menu board.

Easily connect your menu to your menu price list database and display current prices.

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Creating Digital Menus

Watch this tutorial to learn how to create a digital menu in PowerPoint.

Real-time and Data-Driven Menus using PowerPoint

Share real-time product availability with digital menus, like this Canadian ice cream shop.

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