fruit farmer digital signage 1 Fruit Vanhellemont is a fruit company, specialized in pears and apples, as well as a selling point for regional products based on their pears and apples such as fruit juices, jams, liquors, teas and more.

The co-owner Gert Vanhellemont was looking for an easy digital signage solution for their shop. Today, our DataPoint software is running all day when the shop is open.

A continuous updated slideshow, running on a computer and television screen, shows:

  • Business hours
  • Showcase their web shop
  • National and international news based on RSS feeds
  • Local weather information and forecasts
  • Running product promotions
  • Price list
  • Reference to their Facebook page, with the number of likes in real-time
  • Posters of local events

Gert explains: “The addition of live news and weather to our screen is great for our customers. Not only they get entertained when they are waiting in the counter, but it also starts a conversation about the news or weather while they are shopping.  Next to that, I can show product promotions and generate more revenue by showing product combinations.  Also great is the ability to show the number of likes of our Facebook page in real-time. From the first day on, I’m getting in much more likes than before, thanks to DataPoint”.

Gert is not a technician, but he’s a bit handy with computers and software. For him, it was very easy to set up new slides and change the existing information. Gert also said that “A great idea was to display information of local events.  Before our screen, our shop was filled with posters of local events like quiz nights, parties, car-washes by a youth movement etc. Nowadays, we add those digital posters to our running slideshow, and we have a clean shop.  No screaming posters in all formats and colors anymore, but room for more of our own products.”

fruit farmer digital signage 2


Gert Vanhellemont

Owner, Vanhellemont

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