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Marketing and Advertising

PresentationPoint offers a variety of programs that professionals in marketing, advertising, and corporate communications can use.
DataPoint can be used to create dynamic reports and presentations, sharing real-time data. Streamline your company’s reporting process by creating reporting templates that are user-friendly and automatically updated.
iPoint allows you to remotely manage digital signage displaying advertisements and more.

Dynamic Digital Displays

Digital Signage

Create dynamic digital signage and displays.
Remotely manage playlists with signage, advertisements, local news and weather, and more!

Incorporate Real-Time Social

Use DataPoint to easily include real-time Social Media activity updates into reports, presentations and digital signage.
Display likes, follower counts, comments and more.

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Standardize and Automate Reports

Create real-time data connections to your databases to easily update Key Performance Indicator reports on CPAs, website conversions, click-through rates, impressions and more.
Set up a reporting template to distribute across your company for uniform reports.

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Featured Industries


Simplify your reporting process by automating data updates.
Create data connections with databases for automatically updating reports.
Track KPIs including sales revenue, acquisitions, ROI and more.


Utilize iPoint with Digital Signage to remotely manage advertisements.
Simplify your campaign reporting with live-data integrations.

Corporate Communications

Make reporting easier for all departments.
Create PowerPoint templates for reporting and presentations.
Establish data connections to automatically incorporate live-data.

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Start using DataPoint today to easily manage digital advertisements, create reporting and presentation templates, and more.
Enjoy a risk-free 15-day trial of DataPoint and explore all the features on your own.


Enjoy remote display management for advertisement, digital signage and more.
Try a 15-day free trial of iPoint today.

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Read more in our articles and case studies about how customers in marketing and advertising use DataPoint with reporting, presentations, and digital signage.

Product Catalog Design using PowerPoint and DataPoint

Product Catalog Design using PowerPoint and DataPoint

Did you know, you could use PowerPoint and DataPoint as tools for automated product catalog design? In this article, we visit Sara Mau from who runs a webshop selling hundreds of different flower seed variants. As you might imagine, managing such an array...

Split-Flap Displays Reimagined: Split-Flap TV

Split-Flap Displays Reimagined: Split-Flap TV

Remember the split-flap displays on train stations and airports? The ones that showed your flight or train schedule, with letters and numbers that clacked as they changed? Generations of travelers have many fond memories of these clacking information screens seeing...

Location Based Advertising for Digital Signage

Location Based Advertising for Digital Signage

In this video and article, we discuss how to benefit from location based advertising on digital signage.Digital Signage Excels @ Location Based Advertising You can use digital signage monitors close to the advertiser to deliver advertising while prospects are in the...

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