In this video and article, we discuss how to benefit from location based advertising on digital signage.

Digital Signage Excels @ Location Based Advertising

You can use digital signage monitors close to the advertiser to deliver advertising while prospects are in the area, as well as creating and delivering location-based advertising playlists.

You can set up different advertising playlists based on the location of the signage.

Example 1: Shopping Mall

In a shipping mall environment, you can show merchant advertising on screens closest to their store. For example, you can show advertising for the shoe store near where the shoe store is located and can even mention that it is just coming up on the right.

Example 2: Restaurant Wayfinding

You can build wayfinding into your digital signage. For example, a sign near your restaurant could read. “Good home-cooked food – next right.”

Example 3: Tourism

In tourist areas, you can show ads for local attractions, activities, lodging, and food.

Example 4: Local Restaurants

Local restaurants can show menus or specials in the window using their own digital signage.

Example 5: Weather Conditions Sales

Combine location advertising with daily weather and promote fashions and accessories based on temperature and weather conditions such as on a cold, snowy day – show gloves, winter hats, winter coats, and winter boots.

Example 6: Brand Partnership

A beer brewing company could run a location based advertising campaign that directs people to the nearest pub that offers their beverage.

Example 7: In-Store Location Advertising

In-store digital signage can promote a pet food brand right in the pet supplies aisle. You know this is targeted because people are already in the pet food aisle looking for these products.

Your in-store digital signage can also show sale items in the same aisle where you can find them, perhaps right next to the product.

Example 8: Beat Competitors

In this case, you advertise near a competitor to promote your business and brand instead. For example, if there is digital signage space available near a competitor, you can advertise that your burger has been rated #1 in town for 3 years running to drive traffic to your restaurant instead.

Tools Used for Location Based Advertising

You can use our iPoint or SignageTube digital signage software for location-based advertising playlists.

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