Digital Signage is on the rise, with experts predicting the industry’s worth to grow to the astonishing $32.8 billion by 2023. But as the market grows, so does demand and to offer our clients the same cutting-edge level of service, we are delighted to introduce the future: SignageTube.

Streaming services are growing in popularity, with Netflix being the prime jewel in their crown. Its accessibility is what makes it millions of people’s choice when it comes to catching up with their favorite series or cozying up at home with a movie.

With SignageTube, we decided to reinvent the digital signage industry. Unlike data-driven information screens, SignageTube is designed to provide highly targeted, engaging static advertisements that can be displayed on screens and televisions at any point around the globe. The Netflix-like streaming model of SignageTube makes it a great delivery system that puts you a button-press away from displaying marketing information to customers and potential leads around the world.

Much like Netflix, SignageTube’s greatest benefits is its accessibility. Anyone, granted permission, can access the cloud from any place with a reliable Internet connection, and upload video files and presentations. The content is then streamed seamlessly across remote screens and TVs at any point around the world. Its unmatched scalability is what makes SignageTube the next generation digital advertising service: the cloud-based platform can easily support the simple slideshows, whether you’re running them on a single screen or thousands.

Because of their scalable models, streaming services like Netflix and SignageTube are also more cost-efficient than any alternative. Forget about hosting your own digital signage network or filling up your hard drive with your favorite movies – you can now stream whatever video or content you wish to for a fraction of the price. If you’re already using PresentationPoint and loving it, you can take your marketing strategy up a notch by uploading tour PowerPoint presentations to SignageTube – we will automatically convert them and distribute them to your customers in every corner of the world.

How exactly does this help your company grow and achieve sustainable growth? Studies have already shown that digital signage can greatly boost impulse purchases sales, conveying in-store specials, promotions or simply improving the quality of customer experience. Our streaming service makes keeping your clients up-to-date with relevant information and enticing them with your fantastic offers easier than ever – no need for expensive IT infrastructure or unreliable USB drives. Everything you need is at your fingertips!

Staying on top of your game is as easy as creating and dropping a video or a PowerPoint presentation in our app – we will do the rest! Embracing the future means adopting the cutting-edge streaming technologies services like Netflix and SignageTube.

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