More than 1 year we have been working very hard on a revolutionary new product that is a digital signage software solution in the cloud. We baptized this new product SignageTube. Signage from digital signage, and Tube inspired by

The conceptual design of SignageTube is based on our 20 years of experience in the digital signage world. PresentationPoint can truly be seen as a pioneer in digital signage software and is definitely the first company to bring real Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to digital signage. Other digital signage software vendors, they all re-invented the wheel by building their own crappy and limited presentation designer tool. All their design ideas started with PowerPoint in mind, but no-one could build a presentation editing tool or digital signage editing tool at that same level.

We always have believed that PowerPoint was the right choice to make and that we had to build products on top of, or next to PowerPoint. 20 Years later, we still believe in that path. That is why we have built a new digital signage software solution for the cloud, completely build on Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and videos.

So with all our digital signage experience and our products that we had, we sat back with our engineers to build the best, really the best, digital signage software solution where we all have been waiting for. What was good in digital signage? What could be better in digital signage? What are the real needs for digital signage if you can completely build a new product with today’s technology. Our answer to that:

This new SignageTube is basically the next step of our iPoint product. iPoint for digital signage software, and mostly combined with DataPoint technology. Our existing DataPoint product is displaying real-time data in your presentations and screens. But this SignageTube is not data-driven at all. SignageTube is our software solution for the normal (static) digital signage world where advertising and information are shown on digital information screens. Most digital signage does not need real-time KPIs or scoreboards. They are just running video ads with great but static content. Think about hamburgers at a fast-food restaurant, shoes in a shop, etc.

SignageTube is an in-the-cloud digital signage solution, and is very easy to use. Sign up and get access to hundreds of Microsoft PowerPoint digital signage templates, or create your own presentations or videos. Download the one you want to use from our library, make changes and then upload the presentation again by using a web browser.

Then identify your players and start assigning your media files to players or player groups. The SignageTube player software on your television listen to your planning and start the media files accordingly.

Our SignageTube servers are responsible to render your presentations as videos. Yes, videos as output is ideal and robust for advertising playback at your shops. No installation of extra software, no conversions at the player. Everything is rendered and broadcasted from the SignageTube servers.

You will always have access to your SignageTube account wherever you are; home, office, or on the road. Check your SignageTube system, restart players, schedule new campaigns, see what players are down. And you will get email alerts when something goes wrong, and automatic playback statistics in your mailbox every night.

Sign up now at SignageTube and explore its functionality. You will agree with us; this is the digital signage software solution you were hoping and waiting for. Now your time is there.

Start your SignageTube account to try it out. Sign up here.

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