Create a company-wide broadcast system using your existing computer network

Corporate Communication

Use your desktops as an office communication channel to ensure important information reaches employees.
Display a local or remote PowerPoint slide show- no file or video conversion necessary.

Corporate Screensavers
report automation with templates

Company wide broadcast system

Centrally manage the presentation and deploy to all company computers.
increase employee engagement

Advertising and promotions

Advertise programs, events, promotions and more.
dashboards in critical areas

At-A-Glance access to important company information.

Display company news, targets, schedules, new employees, sales and production figures and more.
relevant local information

Auto updating information

Use DataPoint in combination with MessagePoint to automatically update your screensaver presentation with company announcements, events, KPIs and more.

Software Solutions

MessagePoint logo


Message Point is a PowerPoint add-on you can use to distribute screensavers with company-wide information across your network of computers.
No file conversion necessary!

Case Studies

Use a PowerPoint presentation directly as screensaver on your office computers to communicate company-wide

10 Reasons to Use PowerPoint as a Screensaver

Discover the benefits of using MessagePoint to deliver company-wide screensavers.
In an office environment you can use this mechanism to display company news, targets, schedules, new employees, sales and production figures and so on.

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PowerPoint presentation as corporate screen saver

How to Create a Corporate Screensaver

Use MessagePoint to share PowerPoint presentations as screensavers- MessagePoint allows you to share entire presentations, slide transitions and all. No conversion is necessary.

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