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Inform, inspire and motivate while timing breaks during conferences, workshops, and meetings!

Everyone Loves Breaks

Breaks for participants and speakers are a critical necessity while running conferences, workshops, and meetings. But what do you show on your presentation screens during your break?

everyone loves meeting breaks
dynamic flexible countdowns in PowerPoint

Flexible Countdowns

BreakPoint lets you add a fully-customizable countdown shape that shows the remaining time of a meeting break. This helps you get everyone back together on time because people can see how much time they have left. People will naturally gravitate towards their seats as the countdown nears zero.

More Dynamic Information

Inform people by showing the current date, running clock, (outside) temperature, and weather pictogram.

Inspire, bring life to your breaks, or start the conversation again with a random quote from our 75,000 inspirational quotes database.

show more dynamic information on your screen

The Advantages

No more boring meeting break slides!


Show the time that remains during a meeting break. Show the time in real-time so that everyone is back on time for the next session.

Real-Time Weather

Everyone talks about the weather. Show real-time weather on your slide; temperature and weather pictograms.

Get Conversations Started

Insert a random quote from our database with more than 75 000 quotes. Ideal to get a conversation started automatically right after the break.

How it works

BreakPoint is so handy to use, you’ll love it.

  1. Install BreakPoint to your PowerPoint program
  2. Choose a slide from our template or create your own
  3. Insert a dynamic shape
  4. Choose to display clock, date, countdown, weather or random quote
  5. Have your meeting and display your dynamic slide during the meeting break
  6. Have everyone returned on time to your meeting

All dynamic BreakPoint shape content will update in real-time while you run the slide show.

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Give yourself a break

Software Requirements

Runs on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013, 2016, 2019 and Office 365.


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