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Total control of your digital signage anywhere.
Use PowerPoint to control your displays.

Total Control the Easy Way

Imagine being able to use PowerPoint to control your signage all over the globe.

iPoint lets you create new playlists easily and control them from your Windows computer.

Real-time monitoring allows you to see what’s playing live on any screen.

Get automatic alerts when the signage is down.

digital signage the easy way
build your brand globally with digital signage screens

Build Your Brand Globally

Your signage around the world is the easiest way to communicate with customers, staff, and event management.

Since you use PowerPoint to update your screens, you can change them rapidly.

Use our upgraded subscription to get DataPoint built-in to display real-time, live data on any screen.

Downtime Notifications

Nothing says, “No one’s in charge,” than a lot of display screens that have gone dark.

Using iPoint, you get instant notifications that a screen has gone dark.

You’re able to reactivate the slideshow or contact someone to restart the screen and get back to business.

Never let an opportunity to market to customers or communicate with staff go dark! 

digital signage scheduler application

The Advantages

This PowerPoint-based program has the advantages of being easy-to-use, powerful, and fast.


Unlike our competitors, we’ve made this easy on you; iPoint works right from your existing PowerPoint program. No need to learn a new program or hope they put in everything you’re used to.

Every Screen Everywhere

iPoint controls as many screens as you have – no matter where they are. Link them once and see what’s on the screen at all time. Use tablets, computer and television screens. 


Super Fast to Start

Because iPoint doesn’t require you to learn a new program, loading your playlists is simple. Everything is familiar.

How it works

iPoint is the simplest, most powerful way to control your screens from anywhere to anywhere.

  1. Download iPoint
  2. Create a presentation, including video, audio, animations, transitions, and more
  3. Share your presentation to one or many screens
  4. Optionally include real-time data with DataPoint add-on
  5. See what’s playing on a screen, no matter where in the world
  6. Change the screen any time with a click of a button

No need for custom software and elaborate plug-ins that are prone to bugs and clichés. iPoint operates right from your computer. Simple and efficient.

Buy a License Per Screen:

Additional Schedulers

Price per license
$/€249/perpetual license
  • Your first scheduler license comes for free and automatically with your first iPoint player order
  • For larger organizations, you can buy additional scheduler licenses

iPoint allows you to:

Display TV channels and streaming video

Bring your screens to life with the power of moving images. iPoint plays on your screens flawlessly.

add streaming video and tv channels to digital signage
run digital signage as screensaver

Use the Built-Screensaver

Even when you don’t have something streaming to the screen, your customized screensaver can be marketing your business or entertaining your viewers.

Add Music

You can add background music to draw the viewers attention. You have complete volume control from your control panel.

Don’t play a radio station at your shops. A commercial of your competitor will be playing in your shop!

digital signage with background music
add real-time news text ticker to your digital signage

Include a Real-time News Ticker

Let your screen share the news, either yours or the whole world’s. It will display on every screen you want.

Works off the Internet or Local Network

Link directly to the internet or operate only on your own network, whichever your screens are attached to.

use datapoint for real time data signage

Add DataPoint

Use DataPoint, part of the upgraded package, to include up-to-moment information from spreadsheets and other data sources.

iPoint is the simplest way to include nearly anything on your screens all over the world.

some of the customers and companies using PresentationPoint software

“With this software, we are able to keep our internal and external community informed and aware of the most relevant events, allowing us to be more efficient and get action immediately; always looking for the benefit of the population.”

– Raul Taboada, Information Technology Analyst, Mexican Red Cross

“Awesome product by the way. All this time and no one else can even come close to what you’re doing over there.”

– Jason Brentlinger, Production Manager, Bartha, USA

Total control of your digital signage anywhere

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