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Upgrade your waiting room screens! SignageTube allows medical centres and hospitals to easily create and display digital signage to welcome and inform patients.

Engaging Digital Signage

Informative Reception Screens

Greet clients and keep them happy with relevant health information, local news, welcoming videos and more.

Queue Management

Display appointment queue information, as well as advertising, announcements, instructions, opening hours and much more.

Live-Data Reporting and Presentations

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Accurate Reporting

Gain insight into staff hours, supply usage and more.
Automate Key Performance Indicator reporting on:

  • Average hospital stay
  • Treatment costs
  • Patient wait time
  • Costs by payer


Create reporting templates and connect them to your databases to automatically update reports.
Distribute templates within your organization to ensure report and presentation consistency.
Real-time information is incorporated with the click of a button.

Featured Industries

Medical Centres

Display health-related information in your waiting room for patients.

Laboratory Services

Use digital signage to manage your appointment queue.


Share real-time greetings (good morning, good afternoon) and wait times.

Health Organizations

Greet customers with service information.
Easily create automated reports and presentations.

Assisted Living Facilities

Share news, weather, health information and more with residents.

Diagnostic Clinics

Digital signage displays appointment information and queues.

Enjoy Digital Signage Today

Whether you’re looking for an onsite digital signage solution with iPoint or a digital signage solution in the cloud with SignageTube, you can start your free trial today.

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Start using DataPoint today to better understand your healthcare KPIs.
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From waiting room digital signage to real-time queue management, read all about how our customers use PresentationPoint solutions in their healthcare failities.

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