Display live calendar events on digital signage at attractions and events

Digital Signage for Events

Connect your calendar to a PowerPoint presentation to create digital signage that displays live calendar event information.
When calendar events are updated, your digital signage is automatically updated too.

Event Digital Calendars
real time schedules

Real-Time Schedules

Connect your calendar for customers to see a real-time schedule of events.
As schedules change, the signage is automatically updated.

increase employee engagement

Share upcoming special events

Display upcoming events from your calendar on digital signage at your facilities.
Create a PowerPoint template for upcoming events (daily, weekly, monthly) and it automatically populates.
replace paper handouts

Replace Paper Handouts

Save on printing costs by using digital displays for daily events.
Effortlessly update your signage with changes to daily programs.

relevant local information

Include Relevant Local Information

Incorporate local weather, time and news into your digital signage.

Software Solutions



DataPoint is a PowerPoint add-on that allows you to share event information live schedules and upcoming events.
Establish real-time data connections to your calendars, images, weather information and more!

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iPoint lets you manage your digital signage either on-site or remotely via the Internet, allowing you to create playlists of graphics, videos, audio, music, PowerPoints and more.
Set up signage for multiple screens and control from one central location.

Case Studies

solution for automated reporting software PowerPoint SG Nordic financial statements process flow chart

The Wild Center

The Wild Center replaced paper handouts of daily activities and events with digital signage made using DataPoint.
Changing from paper signage to digital signage saves staff time, they no longer have to design new handouts in Microsoft Publisher every day.
The PowerPoint digital signage is connected to their database of movies, programs and events.

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Warehouse Logistics Calendar - Edesia

Edesia Nutrition

Edesia Nutrition uses DataPoint to handle conference room bookings and warehouse logistics calendar.
Using DataPoint, they display schedules for inbound deliveries and outbound trailers. This allows all workers on the warehouse floor to easily access the information on a large TV in the warehouse.
They also display conference room schedules on tablets in each room. The displays are connected to the room’s calendar and the information is current because DataPoint links calendar updates to the PowerPoint signage display.

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manufacturing KPI Dashboard Example: Lundins Plastic Bags

Bokrijk Open-Air Museum

Bokrijk Open-Air Museum uses PowerPoint with DataPoint for museum ticketing to display available slots to visit exhibitions.
Using the DataPoint add-in, ticket information is connected to the sales database, so availability is always accurate.
Bokrijk also uses iPoint to schedule and distribute PowerPoint signage to various information screens.

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Signage for Expo Centers

Use digital signage to share schedule information and real-time changes.

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Link Pictures to Scheduled Events

Link pictures to specific events in your digital signage. Easily connect your PowerPoint digital signage presentation to a database to include pictures.

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linked picture picture properties with picture column

Connect Your Google Calendar

Create connections between Google Calendars and your digital displays using DataPoint to share current information on scheduled events.

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manufacturing KPI Dashboard Example: Lundins Plastic Bags

Professional Digital Signage

Bring your schedules to life. Create digital signage for display on any sized screen.

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manufacturing KPI Dashboard Example: Lundins Plastic Bags

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