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Data is critical to good decision-making. But many companies struggle with complex data gathering. Data often resides in silos, scattered across different programs and formats, making it difficult to provide meaningful data visualization in a manner useful to organization’s decision makers. This is where Presentation Point’s Custom Data services come in.

“We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights.”
~ Jay Baer, marketing and customer experience expert

Imagine a future where complex data sets don’t hinder your decision-making, but empower it. With our Custom Data Services, transform your raw data into insightful, actionable information tailored precisely to your unique needs. We leverage cutting-edge technology and deep industry expertise to deliver bespoke data gathering and visualization solutions that drive efficiency, boost productivity, and provide a competitive edge.

Discover new patterns, unlock hidden opportunities, anticipate challenges, and make strategic, data-driven decisions with confidence. Step into a data-centered future, all customized specifically for your business. Start imaging the possibilities with our custom data services, because here, your data becomes your strongest ally.

Custom data services - reporting
Custom Data Service Integrations

1,000s of Data Sources

We connect to 1,000s of data sources including Excel, XML, JSON, MySQL, News, Weather, RSS and many more

Custom Data Service Integrations

Unified Reporting

We combine data from ALL your various data sources into one unified reporting system

Data automation services

Data Automation

Automate your data gathering, analysis, and reporting

Custom dashboard creation

Dashboard Creation

Custom dashboards for KPIs, sales, finance, inventory, production lines, and more

Custom digital signage services

Digital Signage

We create custom digital signage for your retail store, office, shopping mall or even a city or nation-wide advertising network

Personalized media creation and distribution services

Personalized Media

Create & distribute thousands of personalized videos, presentations, certificates or other documents in minutes

Create media in multiple formats

Multiple Formats

Output your reports, presentations & personalized media in multiple formats including video, pdf, pptx, ppsx

White Label Software Services

White Label Software Services

Have us design your custom data service solution, then white label it with your own branding to provide to your clients

Imagine the Possibilities…

  1. Video Marketing: Imagine rapidly generating thousands of unique video marketing messages in minutes, each individually tailored to a specific prospect and delivered automatically.

  2. KPI Dashboards: Visualize a dynamic KPI dashboard adorning your office wall, continuously displaying all your crucial performance indicators in an immediate, real-time format. Imagine the power of having constant access to your business performance metrics, informing accurate and timely decision-making.
  3. Data Integration & Visualization: Picture a streamlined system where data, sourced from hundreds of diverse platforms, is automatically integrated on a monthly basis into a single, cohesive visual report. This easy-to-understand representation of your data can be readily shared with your team, offering a unified view of your business insights.
Custom data services possibilities

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