SignageTube vs iPointI know that many of you who have followed PresentationPoint for some time and have seen our SignageTube launch information are smart enough to have probably noticed something odd. You might be thinking something like…

“SignageTube for digital signage? Wait, doesn’t PresentationPoint already have world-class digital signage software called iPoint? What’s up with that? Why a second solution for digital signage?

Great question. Let’s have a go at answering that.

About iPoint

iPoint was first created in 2008 for our clients who wanted to be able to manage digital signage themselves without buying expensive hardware or working with clunky, proprietary software offered by other digital signage companies. So we designed iPoint to work with Windows and PowerPoint.

Over the last 11 years, we have continued to add features to and refine iPoint to make it one of the world’s leading digital signage software solutions.

Why We Created SignageTube

While we were pleased with the success of iPoint, we weren’t content to just rest on our laurels.

Some of our clients wanted a cloud-based option with simpler controls and pricing. So we took the best of what we learned from years of iPoint users and built SignageTube.

SignageTube uses a modern, web-based interface to make it easier to manage digital signage playlists and monitor your digital signage from anywhere.

Features Common to Both Pieces of Software

  • Here are some powerful features common to both SignageTube AND iPoint.
  • Playlist creation and management
  • Scheduling of media
  • Multiple formats supported including PowerPoint, MP4, and others
  • Local file caching to allow continued playing even when the Internet connection is lost.
  • Full control over your own advertising and media

SignageTube Benefits Over iPoint

Here are some of the benefits of using SignageTube instead of iPoint.

  • Cloud-based
  • Simpler interface
  • Lower entry price – starting at $24 US per month for SignageTube vs $499 US initial cost for iPoint
  • Automatic updates to the latest version with no increase in price
  • Supports Windows and Android, and iOS later on

iPoint Benefits over SignageTube

While iPoint isn’t the new kid on the block, it does have these benefits over SignageTube.

  • Supports data-driven presentations using DataPoint
  • One-time fee – no monthly payments

So Which Should I Use – SignageTube or iPoint?

We would suggest you choose SignageTube for most of your media-driven digital signage needs.

But iPoint is the preferred choice if you will be using DataPoint-enabled data-driven presentations in your digital signage or if you prefer not to pay monthly fees.

Just because we have shiny new digital signage software (SignageTube) doesn’t mean we are tossing out our powerful classic software (iPoint).

We plan on continuing to support both of these software options so either one would be an excellent choice. Not sure which one is right for you? Contact us and we will help you decide.

14 Days of Free Digital Signage

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