Remember the split-flap displays on train stations and airports? The ones that showed your flight or train schedule, with letters and numbers that clacked as they changed?

Generations of travelers have many fond memories of these clacking information screens seeing them off to exotic destinations or memorable family vacations and visits.

These amazing retro displays are gone now, a victim of digital signage technology.

The good news is that these amazing retro displays are making a comeback! They’re coming back bigger, better, and more beautiful than ever before with Split-Flap TV!

Airport split-flap display

Classic Split-Flap Displays – Reimagined!

We know what you’re thinking: “I love the look, sound, and charm of mechanical split-flap displays, but I don’t want to maintain or troubleshoot all those moving parts.”

We hear ya! That’s why we developed Split-Flap TV.

Split-Flap TV recreates the nostalgic, memory lane look and sound of a classic mechanical flip mechanism using modern digital signage technology without having to maintain and troubleshoot all the moving parts of a classic style flip mechanism.

This re-creation couples our built-in Split-Flap TV player and app with a professional-grade television screen manufactured by Phillips.

Display sizes range from 50″ up to 75″. These professional-grade models last longer than consumer TVs because they are designed to run 18/7 or 24/7.

Our modern take on the classic split-flap display lets you create your own custom messages and schedules. With our software, you get complete control over such features as:

Variable Rows and Columns: Choose the number of rows and columns on your display.

• Multiple Pages: Create whatever text you want — across as many pages as you like.

• Flexible Duration: Set how long each page is displayed for.

• Multiple Colors: Set whatever color text you prefer (per line, if you want).

• Easy Scheduling: Schedule when and where to display your messages.

• Clicking Sounds: Select whether updates are silent or come with the characteristic split-flap clicking sound.

And you can manage everything using our Split-Flap smartphone app.

Split flap tv sample

Ways to Use Your Split-Flap TV

Here are some great places to use our split-flap displays:

Restaurants: These displays are great for menu boards, advertising, information about food sourcing, and sustainability, and sharing inspirational messages or humorous messages/jokes.

Museums: There is nothing quite like the sound of a clacking display.

When you’re walking around a museum, and you hear the clacking of all the displays in the room, it’s like you’re transported back to a different time. It’s like you’re hearing the sound of history being made all around you.

It’s also a great way to draw attention to particular exhibits. The retro look of these displays fits perfectly with creating a unique, nostalgic experience for patrons.

Split-flap displays also work great for creating unique, attention-getting museum event boards.

Hotels: How about an automated message welcoming guests as they enter the lobby? Or a message offering a special on room service? Or a listing of daily events you are hosting.

Shops and Stores: Show opening hours, specials, scheduled events, and time-limited sales.

Office: Show meeting room schedule, visitor welcome messages, employee notices, and events.

Factory/Manufacturing: Show safety messages and employee notices.

Travel: Take travelers back to the golden days of travel by showing flight and train information – old school!

Anywhere you can use digital signage, you can be unique by using split-flap displays.

Find out more by visiting our Split-Flap TV website today!

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