Did you know, you could use PowerPoint and DataPoint as tools for automated product catalog design?

In this article, we visit Sara Mau from Botania.dk who runs a webshop selling hundreds of different flower seed variants. As you might imagine, managing such an array of products is a considerable task.

They had been relying on an Excel sheet containing all the product details – from the seed variant, its unique characteristics, growing instructions and even the graphic representation. But they weren’t just looking for a way to manage this information. Rather, they sought a method to transform these details into individual labels they could use as product packaging. Yes, hundreds of them!

Enter Datapoint, an automation tool they found after much research and evaluation. Equipped with an Excel sheet packed with data and Datapoint on our side, they conducted a productivity miracle.

In just minutes, they could convert their Excel database into 1,300 individual PowerPoint slides, each representing a unique label for their different seeds. What was once a project that loomed weeks ahead of them was now accomplished in an eyeblink.

product catalog with powerpoint - flower seed labels
product catalog with powerpoint - flower seed planting instructions

They mentioned that every question they had about DataPoint was met with prompt and clear responses, showing an excellent commitment to customer service.

“I run a webshop selling hundreds of flower seed variants. Having set up an excel sheet with all the product details, we needed a way to turn that into individual labels with graphics and instructions, and Datapoint was exactly the tool we were looking for. We created 1,300 individual PowerPoint slides in minutes, which was a total game changer for a small enterprise like mine. Every question I had was answered promptly – can’t recommend it enough!”.

Sara Mau, Botania.dk.

If you are looking for ways to automate your product catalog design, download our DataPoint free trial or contact us.

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