Digital Menu Boards

What are digital menu boards? Digital menu boards are where restaurants, coffee shops, etc. show their menus on monitors or television screens.

Here is an example:

digital menu boards

Popularity of Digital Menu Boards

Why are digital menu boards so popular?

Static printed signs have to be redone every time you change a price or menu item and the colour vibrancy fades over time. Old style menu boards where you could change prices and items by manually sticking letters on a board are cumbersome and require staff to go up on a ladder.

Digital menu boards are easily changed from a computer in a few seconds. And the colours remain vibrant.

Advertising on Digital Menu Boards

Because they are digital, menu boards can do much more than just show a menu. The monitors can also show advertising, specials, videos, news, weather and upcoming events either as part of the menu or as a quick screen flash away from the menu.

Getting Started with Digital Menu Boards

We’d love to help get you started with digital menu boards. Here are some ways we can help:

  1. Free Digital Menu Board Template: go to our free digital signage template download page to download a free menu board template that you can update and edit in PowerPoint.
  2. Digital Signage Player: You can use our iPoint digital signage player software for Windows to manage your digital menu boards in one restaurant or thousands across the country. Download the free trial here.
  3. Automatically Updating Digital Menu Boards: Using our DataPoint software, you can automatically update your digital menu boards by connecting them to common data sources like Excel spreadsheets, RSS feeds or databases. Just make the connections and update your central data and all your menu boards will get the new prices, images, videos, etc. automatically.
  4. Digital Menu Boards Article: Check out our article where we show you the exact step by step process we use to create the above digital menu board template and connect it to a central data source.

Have questions? We’d be happy to help. You can contact us here.

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