In the fast-paced financial sector, where data drives decisions and accurate, up-to-the-minute information is non-negotiable, the ability to efficiently generate documents and presentations with the latest data is crucial. PresentationPoint’s DataPoint software emerges as a transformative solution for financial companies striving to streamline their data presentation processes. Here’s why:

Automated Data Updates and Distribution

With DataPoint, the era of manually updating documents and presentations is over. Financial firms often juggle a plethora of information that requires constant updates. DataPoint simplifies this process by enabling the automatic integration of the latest data into PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, printed charts, and even videos. This automation ensures that financial reports, market analyses, and other critical documents always reflect the most current data without additional effort, reducing the risk of human error significantly.

Eliminating Time-consuming Processes

The financial sector cannot afford delays tied to copying and pasting data or rectifying entry errors. DataPoint addresses this bottleneck by directly displaying data from its source into your documents and presentations. This not only slashes the hours spent on data entry but also enhances accuracy, allowing financial professionals to dedicate more time to analysis and strategic planning.

Dynamic Document Generation

Creating presentations, briefs, or even dynamic dashboards for client meetings, stakeholder updates, and internal reviews can be accomplished with unprecedented speed and flexibility. DataPoint allows for the generation of single slides, complete presentations, and a variety of document formats with the latest updated information. This capacity is perfect for adapting to the varied demands of financial communication, from detailed reports to high-level summaries.

Real-Time Monitoring and Visualization

For financial companies with a focus on manufacturing or those that require real-time data visualization (such as trading floors), DataPoint’s OPC integration facilitates the creation of live dashboards. These dashboards can monitor equipment, transactions, market movements, and more, showcasing vital metrics like trends, graphs, and temperatures, which are indispensable for immediate decision-making and risk management.

Seamless Distribution and Licensing

DataPoint’s Enterprise Edition offers an innovative solution for sharing data-rich presentations with colleagues and clients without the hassle of individual licenses. Presentations distributed can be opened using the free DataPoint viewer edition, ensuring everyone has access to the latest data upon opening. This feature simplifies internal and external communications, making it more efficient and ensuring consistent information dissemination.


PresentationPoint’s DataPoint software represents a paradigm shift for financial companies aiming at speed, efficiency, and accuracy in document and presentation generation. By automating data updates, eliminating manual data handling, enabling dynamic document creation, and simplifying distribution, DataPoint empowers financial institutions to keep pace with the fast-moving financial environment, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve with the most current information at their fingertips.

Revolutionizing Financial Presentations: The Power of Real-Time Data with DataPoint

It really is time to invest in technology to keep your presentations up-to-date!

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