In this study, we look at how CreateTO uses DataPoint to create its own commercial real estate portfolio management software.

CreateTO was established by the City of Toronto to manage its real estate portfolio, which, with more than 8,000 properties, is one of the most expansive, diverse, and valuable real estate portfolios in all of North America. They are responsible for developing City buildings and lands for municipal purposes and delivering client-focused real estate solutions to City divisions, agencies, and corporations.

CreateTO was looking for a software solution that could automate the creation of multiple PowerPoint slides (ie. property profiles) at a time by connecting to a range of underlying data sources containing thousands of data points to help visualize property data and inform asset management decisions.

They came across PresentationPoint through researching tools on Google where others have automated data entry between Excel and PowerPoint. A case study presented on PresentationPoint’s website reflected a comparable use case that they believed they could replicate.

CreateTO used DataPoint to connect to their Excel database which included hundreds of properties and their data points. They utilized Datapoint’s snapshot function to automate the creation of property profiles.

The results? Here is a quote from CreateTO

With the use of Datapoint, we have improved the accuracy of data input between Excel and PowerPoint, as this task is now automated. Using this tool, we have saved staff time in addition to allowing us to convert excel datapoints into visually appealing profiles to assist in asset management decision-making.

The example below depicts one of their property profiles. They were able to automate the entry of data located in all of the black boxes.

commercial real estate investment software case study - CreateTO

Through the use of Datapoint, they are now able to efficiently streamline the data entry process for large quantities of property data and reduce manual data entry tasks for their staff.

CreateTO also commented on their experience with PresentationPoint support.

When asked, “Did you have occasion to contact our support team?” they replied.

Yes, we contacted the PresentationPoint team to discuss additional functionality that we could potentially use Datapoint for, to which the PresentationPoint team responded promptly and set up a meeting to discuss additional capabilities that could suit our needs.

Thanks to the team at CreateTO for sharing their DataPoint commercial real estate portfolio management software use case story with us.

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