DataPoint for real-time game results on a large LED wall

At the heart of FarmFestival’s vibrant atmosphere lies a fascinating blend of tradition and technology. While tractors rumble through the fields competing in the Trekkertrek, a strikingly modern feature stands out: the real-time display of game results on a massive LED wall, powered by DataPoint technology from PresentationPoint.

Embracing Innovation

The FarmFestival, held in Voorne-Putten (the Netherlands), offers much more than a traditional farming competition. It transforms into a hub of excitement for both participants and spectators, largely due to the innovative use of digital signage. This year, the implementation of DataPoint technology took the event to a new level of engagement.

DataPoint: Bridging Information and Experience

DataPoint allows for the real-time capture and display of data directly onto screens. At FarmFestival, this technology was used adeptly to show game results live. As tractors competed in pulling a progressively heavier sledge, DataPoint synchronized the results from each attempt and displayed them instantaneously on a large LED wall.

This feature not only enhanced the spectator experience but also kept everyone informed and engaged, ensuring that even those at the back of the crowd could see the progress and standings of their favorite competitors without delay.

Real-Time Excitement

The LED wall at FarmFestival provided a focal point during the event, where updates from the competition grounds were continuously streamed. Fans watched as the dynamically updated leaderboard shifted with each new performance, bringing a sense of immediacy and excitement that only real-time data can provide. This setup also allowed for seamless transitions between events, as the system was used to display matchups, scores, and even times for upcoming attractions.

Environmental and Operational Efficiency

Aside from enhancing viewer experience, using DataPoint with digital signage offers significant environmental benefits over traditional paper-based systems. It reduces waste and the need for physical materials, aligning with sustainability goals. Moreover, the efficiency of broadcasting information minimizes the need for manual updates and announcements, streamlining operations during the festival.


The integration of DataPoint technology at FarmFillage not only revolutionized the way game results were presented but also set a new standard for event management within the agricultural festival scene. By blending traditional events with advanced technology, FarmFestival 2024 has positioned itself as a forward-thinking event that caters to a modern audience, eager for both entertainment and information.

As more events adopt similar technologies, the linkage between data-driven insights and audience engagement will continue to shape the future of festivals and public gatherings, proving that even the most conventional events can find new life through technology.

DataPoint for real-time game results on a large LED wall

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