Critical data driven television output

Most, if not all, auction houses use data driven presentations, like here on this image, a recent record-breaking auction at Sotheby’s. With a data driven and, more important, real-time presentation, you can display bidding information on your screens during the auction. On that screen, display an image of the object that is sold and the starting price. Next to the starting price, you can display the price in multiple currencies.

So what do you need to accomplish this?

Everything starts with a simple PowerPoint presentation. You can add an image, lot number and starting price. All those images and texts, are linked with DataPoint to a database. During the bidding, an operator updates the database information with the latest bid. In that same database, you have a list of other currencies and the today’s currency conversion rate. Instantly is a new bid in the local currency, recalculated into several other currencies. Each time someone make a new bid, the price is updated in the database and the data driven presentations are updated instantly. Just like at an airport, updated information is crucial and needs to be displayed as fast as possible. And here at auctions, mistakes or delays are more expensive than at an airport. For situations like these, companies can rely on DataPoint’s functionality. Do you want to know more about real-time or data driven presentations? Ask us!

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