4 Hours of VIP Assistance

EUR 599

Want to get the most out of PresentationPoint products? Learn from the experts with our VIP Personal Training Package.

The VIP Training Package can be delivered as one-on-one live online training sessions or as group training for your entire team.

The VIP Training Package includes:

  • Expert instructor
  • 4 x 1-hour training sessions via Zoom or other web conferencing system you use
  • Private recording of the session you can refer to later

The benefits of our training include:

  • Learning how to automate processes in your organization
  • The ability to create live, key performance indicator dashboards
  • Learning how to use e.g. DataPoint for financial and other reporting
  • Saving you hours of time and frustration
  • Moving you quickly up the learning curve for new software
  • Finding additional ways to use the software you may not have thought of
  • A recording of the session so you can train new team members later

After purchase, you have up to 3 months to book your training sessions.

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