Successful businesses evolve with market trends, technological innovation, and internal forces. As your organization grows, you have to upgrade to stay ahead of the competition. This principle also applies to digital signage. A decade ago, a USB stick was the go-to option for running content on TV screens. But with the advent of cloud-based content management systems (CMS), you should stop using USB sticks with pictures for your advertising.
USB flash drive with images inserted into screen or computer

USB Stick versus Cloud-based Software

Your digital signage processes should be efficient, flexible, intuitive, and highly responsive. The best solution should streamline each step, from content management to distribution, updating, and display. When choosing between USB sticks and cloud-based digital signage solutions, analyze the pros and cons.

1. Content Management

Content management is the main drawback of using USB sticks. It requires too much legwork to and from your screens’ locations. This slow and inefficient process can lead to the underutilization of display screens.

With cloud-based signage software like SignageTube, you can sync all your signage screens to run attention-grabbing adverts and marketing content simultaneously. It allows you to manage multiple screens from your office computer or remotely and save you time. SignageTube can also maximize your screen utilization.

2. Content Distribution

Another disadvantage of USB flash drives is complex and slow content distribution. You have to run back and forth to unplug USB sticks, upload new content, and remount them on your screens to play the content. Manual content distribution is time-consuming if you have dozens of screens. To avoid these challenges, switch from USB sticks to cloud-based CMSs.

With SignageTube, you can distribute PowerPoint presentations and videos to all your screens instantly with a single click. It is more efficient for content distribution than USB sticks. Automating this process can help you beat the competition.

3. Content Updating

Updating USB sticks plugged into dozens of screens across your premises, city, or state is tedious and time-consuming. If you have fifty screens, it can take days or weeks to update each screen manually. Lengthy content updating can undermine your organization’s competitive edge.

Cloud-based solutions streamline content updating. Whether you have 10 or 500 signage screens, SignageTube allows you to update all your content in minutes and distribute updated files with the simple click of a button. You can also use DataPoint to automate the generation of your presentations with the latest data, prices and promotions.

4. Intuitive Monitoring and Scheduling

How many times have you seen frozen or malfunctioning display screens? So many times. USB sticks don’t offer intuitive monitoring, so malfunctioning screens can go unnoticed for days. To avoid losing marketing opportunities, switch from USB sticks to a robust cloud-based solution.

Cloud-based digital signage software offer monitoring and automation tools, which can reduce errors and performance issues. For example, SignageTube allows you to remotely monitor all your display screens, turn PowerPoint presentations into videos, and run them to play automatically on a schedule. You can also use iPoint to create compelling playlists of your products or menus if you prefer to run native PowerPoint presentations with real-time updates.

5. Display Quality and Viewing Experience

The ultimate goal of digital signage for advertising is to grab the audience’s attention, convey your message, and convince them to purchase. But USB sticks don’t offer animations and transitions. You can only upload your menus and product lists as JPG. The content looks cheap and boring. It can undermine viewers’ experience and impede efficient communication of the message.

Cloud-based solutions come with robust content display technologies. You can use SignageTube Player for Android, which is optimized for superfast switching between playlists and faster uploads. It offers smooth transitions to guarantee the best viewing experience.

better with cloud based advertising systems

Advantages of SignageTube for Digital Signage

Switching from USB sticks to cloud-based SignageTube offers several benefits. Here are five advantages of using SignageTube for digital signage:

1. Accessible anywhere

Having access to your digital signage from any location gives you more flexibility in managing your content. You can update your digital signage content from your device in the comfort of your home. So, you don’t have to rush to the office every time.

2. Easy implementation

SignageTube is an all-in-one solution and offers everything you need for your digital signage. You can launch SignageTube on Android TV and start displaying content. No setup, no stress.

3. Highly scalable

With SignageTube, you don’t have to invest in additional infrastructure to scale. You just take a subscription for your screens, and we manage the rest for you in our data centers. And best of all, you can use SignageTube for free

4. Flexible management

As an entrepreneur, focus on growing your business and leave the stresses of managing your digital signage to SignageTube. Hand over your technical challenges and server management to an expert. SignageTube can take out the hassle in your digital signage processes.

5. Efficient content distribution

You just create animated PowerPoint presentations with attention-grabbing transitions and send your content to SignageTube. Our servers will distribute and manage your content to your display screens in all your locations, whether it is a mall, café, or any premises. Enjoy the best customer service all the time!

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