Recently we released a new service: Numberish. It is a social and online database where you can quickly create cards to store lists, numbers, todo-lists and so on. You can create them for yourself, and you can share it with your friends. We call it the Twitter for numbers.

Numberish was initially launched with these Numberish cards:

  • Anniversaries
  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Numbers
  • Scores
  • Sliders
  • Stopwatches
  • Switch
  • Timer
  • To do

Create a Numberish Account

First, you sign up at and you create your account. Sign up with your email address and a few seconds later, you will find a confirmation mail in your mailbox. Click to confirm, and ready you are.

Log on to your account go to your dashboard. Here you can add cards to your dashboard. There are 10 card types to choose from. Give it a name (like a hashtag) and enter a description. Set some card specific values. And finally you can mark a card as private or public. A private card is for you and is never shared. A public card is a card that everyone can see and follow for updates.

Manage your Numberish Cards

Whenever you have an update on a Numberish cards, then go to your dashboard and modify the card’s information. Not only will this value be saved to your local database. Your change is also communicated to your followers.

Open your home page and see all cards that you are following. Also, here you see the latest notifications.

Display your Cards: PowerPoint CMS

And now, this is the reason why we created Numberish, you can use our DataPoint and use its newest Numberish data provider to show your real-time Numberish cards. With this option, you can use Numberish as content management system (CMS) to feed your slide data.

Connect your presentation to your Numberish account. To do so, click your profile image. And choose API from the menu.

numberish profile

Click the Copy button and copy this API key onto your clipboard.

Use DataPoint for your PowerPoint CMS

Back in PowerPoint, you use the DataPoint plugin to connect your presentation to your Numberish account. Click the List connections button and select Numberish as your data provider.

datapoint numberish data provider

Here you paste your private and secret Numberish API key. This information is need to link your presentation directly to your Numberish data cards.

add numberish connection

From the list of data cards, you select the Numberish data card that you want to show in real-time.

overview of numberish data cards

Click OK to close and see a preview of your real-time Numberish card here.

live numberish data cards

Now you can bring PowerPoint to life with your Numberish data. Start using text boxes and link them to your data cards. Run the slide show, and DataPoint will update your Numberish data in real-time. Use another computer and log on to your Numberish dashboard to manage your card values. Any update on a data card, is updated almost immediately on your screens.

Numberish is now your PowerPoint content management system for real-time data on your reporting and televisions screens.

numberish as powerpoint cms

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