Today, all of the information we need, across the entire world, is at our fingertips. Unfortunately, all of the information we need, across the entire world, is at our fingertips.

What we mean to say is: the information you’re searching for is often buried under a mound of “stuff” that is either useless or inconsequential to your needs.

“How many COVID-19 cases were confirmed at my local hospital over the weekend”?

Google it. Look it up on twitter. I’ll assume you’re either still searching for the information, or you got tired of looking altogether. None of this info is centralized in a convenient way.

“After that last drive, how many rushing yards does NFL running back Christian McCaffrey have”?

Can you find that information in real time? Unlikely.

“Is my flight on time”?

Without getting up from your gate and going to look at that massive, confusing screen or opening some third-party app taking up space on your phone, can you find that?

This is where NUMBERISH saw a void in how we share information.


We all use twitter to share short messages, post articles we find interesting, or share our content. However, before NUMBERISH, there was no comparable application to share numerical information in real time.

Often, when we find and share numerical information we reference existing databases. However, these databases are not centralized and they are difficult to track down. NUMBERISH has all of the data you want and need, conveniently displayed on our user-friendly dashboard.

Want to countdown the days until your vacation, while following the DOW JONES index? 
NUMBERISH does that.

Want to track your business’ sales number while tracking your kid’s spending habits? 
NUMBERISH does that.

Who is NUMBERISH for?

COVID-19 has showcased to the world the absolute need for a user-friendly numerical database like NUMBERISH. To find real time numbers for confirmed cases and deaths from COVID-19, you would have to pull from hundreds of disparate databases. These databases would display the information in different ways, leading to massive confusion.

On NUMBERISH, each hospital, each district could be displaying their information all at once. In one spot.

This means, any of the information important to the end user is easily tracked and monitored with the click of a button. Any of the “fluff” is easily discarded.

If we asked you to set up a database, could you pull it off?

For the vast majority of people, the answer to this question would be a HARD no.

With a few clicks, anyone can set up a number, update it and share it with others. But NUMBERISH isn’t only for numbers. With this application you can track scores, todo lists, contacts, appointments, timers, countdowns and more. Everyday, NUMBERISH is adding more ways to share information.

NUMBERISH allows anyone in the world the ability to set up, and share numerical information with millions of users, all over the globe, while tracking the information important to them.

Every single one of us consumes vast amounts of numerical information, everyday. We used to have to look for it. Now with NUMBERISH, that information finds us.

So who is NUMBERISH for?

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