Digital signage is exploding. Are you missing out? Here are some digital signage benefits your business or organization should take advantage of right now.

#1: Easier Content Creation

Creating content for digital signage is much easier than creating content for traditional signage.

The thing that makes this so easy is that you don’t need to be a graphic designer to create digital signage content. For traditional signage, you might need someone who specializes in designing print materials. But for digital signage, you can use simple graphical software like PowerPoint combined with templates to create quick and easy slides.

#2: Cost-Effective

The cost of installing and maintaining digital signs is much lower than traditional advertising methods like billboards, radio, and television ads.

#3: Attention-Grabbing

One of the biggest digital signage benefits is how digital signage grabs attention. We are all programmed to look at TV screens and the moving images, animations, and transitions hypnotically draw the eyes of everyone in range, creating attention levels that traditional signage can’t beat.

#4: Easy to Update

If you’ve ever had to update a traditional sign, you know it’s not an easy task. You have to print out the new sign, get it made and installed, and then hope that nobody notices that the old one is still up.

With digital signage, updating your signage is as simple as making a few tweaks in a simple graphic tool like PowerPoint. You can do it from anywhere with an internet connection—no printing required! The change is instant and costs you nothing and you don’t have to run files to each monitor using a USB drive.

You can also update data in real-time using DataPoint.

#5: Schedule

Scheduling is one of the most amazing digital signage benefits.

Your digital signs can magically change to highlight sales, holiday promotions, weather conditions, or even the time of the day.

Halloween over? Your Christmas digital signage schedule can automatically start up on November 1 or whatever date you choose. Show winter coats and boots when it is snowing outside and switch to summer beach wear on hot days.

You can also schedule your content based on the time of day—show breakfast specials during morning rush hour and afternoon specials at lunchtime. Seniors day on Tuesday? Highlight advertising for seniors, then shift to youth advertising when the kids hit the mall after school.

For more information on this, check out our iPoint digital signage scheduling software.

#6: Inform, Entertain

You can use your digital signage to tell your brand story in a powerful and entertaining way, inform people about your products, and give people a positive experience while they are with you.

Digital signage can be used to show relevant info like upcoming events, or it can be used to show a video that explains your company’s values. You can also use it to show fun videos that will make customers feel welcome and at home. You could even have a video playing on a loop that shows some of your best customers describing what they love about your brand!

Digital signage is a great way to inform and entertain clients while they’re waiting for their food or drinks or just waiting in line—and it’s also great for getting them excited about what’s coming up next!

#7: Lower Perceived Wait Times

Have you ever noticed that time moves more slowly when you are waiting in line to be served? Or sitting in a waiting room for an appointment? Or waiting for your food when your stomach is growling? We sure have!

Instead of having your patrons feel like they are waiting FOREVER to be helped, you can make the time go much faster by providing fun and useful information on your digital signage. This could include trivia, scrolling information screens, thoughtful questions, inspirational quotes, and more.

Time goes much faster when you have screens to keep your mind off of how long you have been waiting.

#8: Digital Signage Benefits from Active Content

Unlike the static content of traditional signage, digital signage benefits from being able to show active content, such as breaking news, live weather, sports scores, stock information, and more.

#9: Easy Content Distribution to Multiple Locations

Whether you have multiple shops in your local city or have locations around the globe, you can easily distribute your digital signage content automatically using the Internet.

Distributing your digital signage content to all of your locations is a great way to keep things fresh and interesting for customers. This way all your locations are showing the latest active promotions, brand messaging, and product news. There’s no more need to manually upload this information from one store to another—instead, all it takes is a quick update on one device and it will be automatically sent out to every location.

This system makes it easier than ever before for you to keep everyone informed about what’s happening at all times with their favorite brands—and that means they’ll always know exactly what’s going on at their favorite places!

#10: Avoid “Out-of-Stock” Issues

Ever had a customer come in and ask for a product that you don’t have in stock? It’s frustrating for both of you. You don’t want to disappoint your customers by advertising a product that is out of stock, but at the same time, you don’t want to go through the trouble of changing all your messaging every time—it’s just not worth it.

That’s where DataPoint comes in! With DataPoint, you can link your digital signage messaging to your product inventory. This lets you create urgency to buy “only 5 left at this price” or to drop products from your advertising when you are out of inventory. Think of an ice cream shop that usually has 20 flavors but 2 are out of stock. The digital menu board can automatically adjust to show only the 18 great flavors in stock.

#11: Sell More

How can you sell more to each patron?

Here are some digital signage benefits that help you sell more:

1. Create urgency when inventory is limited. Urgency sells, and people are more likely to buy if they feel like there’s a limited amount of time for them to act. It’s just human nature! So if you have a limited number of products left in stock, make sure your patrons know it by using the words “only” or “last,” or by showing the number of products available next to the product description. Just be careful not to overdo it—you don’t want your patrons to feel like they’re being rushed into buying something they don’t want just because there’s no time left on the clock!

2. Offer time-limited coupons or special offers. Another way to create urgency is through discounts and special offers that can only be redeemed at a certain point in time—for example, offering 50% off an item today only! This will get your patrons’ attention and give them something specific that they can’t get anywhere else but from you (and hopefully will encourage them to come back for more!). Just remember that these deals need to be as enticing as possible in order for them to actually work—so think about offering a big discount

3. Link to deeper product information, demos, and ratings using QR codes. QR codes, or Quick Response codes, are a type of barcode that can be scanned by a phone, camera, or other device and take the user directly to a website or other digital content. Patrons point their smartphone cameras at the QR code and can instantly be taken to a product page offering specifications, more information, “how-to” videos, ratings from users, coupons, bonuses, etc.

#12: Engage

If you’re like most businesses, you’ve probably been relying on one-sided marketing techniques: broadcasting your message to a patron and hoping it will spur them to buy. But what if you could let your customers collaborate with you and more fully engage?

In this type of marketing, the customer is often referred to as a “target” or a “consumer.” This treats your customers like powerless Pac-Man type creatures just mindlessly gobbling up your messaging and products.

But what if you could let them actually participate in the process? You can use QR codes in your digital signage to let them have a voice and input into how they deal with you.

Here are some ways to use digital signage to make your patrons more involved in your brand.

1. Take a picture of themselves and virtually try on hats, sunglasses, clothes, and other accessories.

2. Build their own product on the spot by letting them choose colors, modules, and accessories. For example, let them factory order a car where they choose the color, configuration, and accessories. Or let them assemble their own gaming console package by choosing 5 games they can bundle with the purchase.

3. Provide real-time feedback. Viewers can give you ratings, suggestions, and even help you name your next product!

When patrons have a voice and feel they are heard, they are more connected to your brand.

You can use our DataPoint product to quickly create digital signage and automatically add QR codes to increase engagement.

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