Today’s story is from Torsten Maier, a student at Penn State. Torsten wanted to re-make a favorite Pokeman board game for his sister that they played in their childhood.

Pokemon board game re-make

Torsten didn’t want to make all the Pokemon tiles by hand, so he Googled ways to populate PowerPoint from csv files and came across DataPoint.

He used a web scraper script to build a CSV with all the Pokemon stats and then used DataPoint to build each individual Pokemon’s tile (which would’ve taken forever by hand since there are 151 Pokemon in the game). These tiles represent all the stats you need to catch, trade, train, and battle with your Pokemon on the way to beating the Indigo League (the end of the game).

pokeman board game stats

He then used DataPoint to connect each PowerPoint slide to the stats for each character. His comment:

It was really helpful using the PowerPoint add-in and it was really quick and easy to set up and use. I could quickly make my board game tiles.

What a great brother! And a very innovative and fun use of data, gaming and DataPoint.

pokeman board game character tile

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