In this case study, we are looking at how the Islamic College of Brisbane uses our software within their educational institution. Thanks to Orhan Camkara of the Islamic College for sharing their story with us.


Tell us a bit about your organization and what you do.

The Islamic College of Brisbane was established in January 1995. It offers high-quality secular education at both primary and secondary levels. The college is situated on the outskirts of the city next to a large nature reserve, the Karawatha forest. The College is proud of its excellent academic achievements and awards won over the years and continues to maintain this level. My role is setting goals, planning and implementing technology-related subjects. Since this is a school, a goal triggers another goal, our challenges and learning curves never ends.

The Problem – Can you describe for us the problem you were trying to solve that led you to our software?

Since the last decade, we never passed any year without a new project. One of them was always in my mind having a centralised, flexible, great support with regular updates, install and forget style system to address a need of communication with visitors, students, and staff. I engaged with multiple alternative solutions. It didn’t take long to understand that I found the right product and support. Now I have a cliché answer for all forms of requests and questions in terms of signage which is “Yes we can!”

Currently, we are running 11 displays with dual monitors across the school rolling messages, live room booking schedules, live weather with UV index which is very important in Australia, and many other promotions and announcements. The sky is the limit!

Islamic school Brisbane digital signage sample 1

How did you find PresentationPoint?

It wasn’t easy to find a good product, I had to do some research on search engines and spent some time on comparison websites. As soon as I landed on PresentationPoint website I had to understand the product range first. It was exciting to see countless possibilities we can produce with this solution.

Which of our software did you use to develop your solution?

Gradually added almost all paid options except CounterPoint and VideoPoint (will get soon).

Islamic school Brisbane digital signage sample 2

Your Solution – Can you tell us how you solved the problem while using our software? What did our software let you do that you couldn’t before?

Previously we were using traditional A0 size printed frames which wasn’t serving the purpose. Now we have a centralised, easy to manage, very stable system. One of the best parts is templates availability on the website.

Islamic school Brisbane digital signage sample slide 3

Results – What are the results now that you have your system up and running?

It’s a versatile, interactive, convenient, and ideal solution for connecting with your students, staff, and parents. I believe it was a good move!

Feel free to add any other comments that you feel would help us make a great story.

Sometimes it is hard to find a good solution with good support. Another important aspect was supporting educational institutions. Knowing the fact updates are free forever is another beauty 😊 PresentationPoint gave us the impression that they are standing on strong pillars and deserving to be known more world-wide.

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