In this article, a professional meteorologist, James Longwith, shares with us how he uses our weather software, Dynamic Elements, to create real-time weather reports.

Here are James’ answers to our questions about how he is using our weather software.

Tell us a bit about your company or organization or what you do.

Well, my name is James Longwith and I am a Meteorologist and Storm Tracker with Dynamic Weather Agency LLC. Dynamic Weather Agency is a small private weather consulting and forecasting firm located in central Indiana. In addition to weather consulting and forecasting we are keeping the communities we forecast for safe by providing real-time weather reports to the NWS (US National Weather Service) during severe weather outbreaks by putting our meteorologist out in the field. Not only do we cover severe weather we also track winter weather, tropical systems, flash flooding events and much more. Our footage is seen on all the major national and local news and media outlets including the Weather Channel, Good Morning America, ABC, and CBS just to name a few. The goal of Dynamic Weather Agency LLC is to save lives, help out in the warning process, document mother nature’s most violent weather on Earth, send accurate weather reports to the NWS, and lastly provide great weather consulting services. Dynamic Weather Agency strives in providing accurate and reliable weather forecasts to our customers. Whether you’re in need of a quick out-the-door forecast for your day knowing whether or not to take that umbrella with you, or if your business depends on accurate and detailed weather information on a daily basis, our services can be customized to fit your needs!

Can you describe for us the problem you were trying to solve that led you to our software?

One of the biggest problems that we were trying to solve was how could we do work more efficiently and in less time. So, basically, the search was on and we found Dynamic Weather through two ways, one a Youtube Video of the software and what we could do and then by a simple Google Search. With the software, we were able to reduce the time it took for us to make graphics by automating a few of them for us. It has also allowed us to use one of the TV’s mounted in our office as a display to project real-time weather data and forecasts for our locations on a continuous loop. This has been really cool.

Which of our software did you use to develop your solution?

Dynamic Weather and DataPoint.

Can you tell us how you solved the problem while using our software? What did our software let you do that you couldn’t before?

It allowed us to automate weather data and display it on our graphics. The software has also proven to be valuable when it comes to presenting to clients showing real-time weather data without having to go in and change it as conditions change all the time outside. Clients like to see the data changing on the screen as we are presenting making them think we have a weather station outside hooked up to our computer.

Our appreciation to James for letting us know how he is using Dynamic Weather and DataPoint. You can find out more about James Longwith by visiting  Dynamic Weather Agency LLC.

Contact us if you want to set up your own live weather software or other live data dashboard or want to share solutions you’ve built using our software. We’d love to hear from you.

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