We are bringing out a special expansion pack for our real-time weather display capabilities in DataPoint and Dynamic Weather.  This expansion pack works great with our latest Weather provider service and is able to display today’s weather and next days forecast as full HD animated backgrounds. 

The dynamic weather provider was already able to display small but nice dynamic weather icons in 4 different flavors: full color, black, white and as animated icons. Now, with this new expansion pack, you can display the weather icons on top of these full HD animated backgrounds for more impact. And all of this can be done in PowerPoint with our DataPoint and Dynamic Weather add-ons. This is unseen functionality for your digital signage screens.

With the installation of this Full HD weather expansion pack, you are adding 48 animated backgrounds to your slides that can be used with our add-ons.

So before these background animations, you were able to display weather icons on your slides like this screenshot below. The icons are displayed dynamically based on the type of weather that was forecast.

To the new users of displaying real-time weather in PowerPoint, read the instructions here for DataPoint and here for Dynamic Weather.

Now you already know how you can use our software add-ons for PowerPoint to display real-time weather information. Well, those smaller weather icons can be displayed as large full animated backgrounds on your slide with this expansion pack. 

Here is a preview of the 48 animated weather backgrounds.

Here is a preview of what can be accomplished with our full HD weather expansion pack for PowerPoint.

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