The Coronavirus spread has had a major impact on the world. In this article we will talk about how you can use travel and health care digital signage to keep people informed and help slow the spread of the Coronavirus. These techniques can also be used in other emergency situations.

Airport Health Care Digital Signage

I talked with someone who had just got back to Canada through one of the major airports. They told me they weren’t really given any information at the airport on what to do about the coronavirus now that they were back. But the Government of Canada and many other governments are recommending all traveler to self-isolate for 14 days.

But no one told these thousands of travelers!

This could easily be taken care of, using the digital signage monitors in most major airports. The monitors can easily be turned into health care digital signage during the emergency instead of the advertising they usually carry.

The healthcare digital signage can include instructions on:

  • The need to keep calm and why this isn’t the end of the world
  • Self isolation to keep from infecting your friends, family and community
  • Social distancing – keeping your distance from other people while out, not shaking hands, etc.
  • Hand washing – how to hand wash properly to kill the virus
  • What the coronavirus symptoms are
  • What to do if they have symptoms

This level of information readily available on airport digital signage would help calm people and give them information they need to keep themselves and others safe and slow the spread of the disease.


Healthcare Digital Signage

While travelers are in great need of coronavirus information, the first step for most people if they are concerned about their health is their healthcare provider. This includes doctor’s offices, health clinics and hospitals.

Healthcare digital signage can assist by:

  • telling people what conditions they need to tell reception about right away such as chest pains
  • providing tips to patients keep from infecting each other in the waiting room
  • inform them of how COVID-19 testing works and who meets the criteria for testing
  • general information about coronavirus and how to slow its spread
  • information about wait times and where each patient is in the queue

People in healthcare waiting rooms are often anxious about their health and communicating clearly and letting them know where they are in the queue using your healthcare digital signage goes a long way to alleviating their fears.

Workplace Digital Signage

In addition to airports and medical facilities, your workplace digital signage can help keep your employees safe.

You can use workplace digital signage to provide health and safety information on:

  • steps the company has taken to ensure their safety
  • policies on pay for people needing to self-isolate due to the virus
  • working remotely
  • proper hand washing
  • practicing social isolation within the office
  • using videoconferencing for meetings
  • minimizing business travel

Healthcare Digital Signage Summary

Healthcare digital signage has a large role to play in communication with the general public, travelers, patients and employees.

PresentationPoint offers digital signage software that makes it easy to create and control your digital signage, no matter what your facility. Contact us to find out how we can help you communicate better with your audience and community.

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