Hospital waiting roomCommitted to flexibility and adding value, PresentationPoint has drawn from the field of a data science to imitate and develop accurate data analysis using digital signage, to transform the way we look at health at the individual and global level!

It is true that the most powerful way to get information is through the screen. This is because our eyes are continually captivated by digital signs even when we try to ignore. Observe those who walk by a TV screen or computer screen with a moving image – they just can’t help but look. This indicates that we are constantly hypnotized to look at screens with moving objects unconsciously.

The emergence of data-driven health care has brought enormous opportunities as well as unwelcomed challenges. The need to derive insights from trusted health data cannot be over emphasized. One of the few realities that has challenged most health care providers and pharmaceutical companies today is;

  • Cutting down the cost of health care while improving quality of care,
  • Handling complex, ever-changing demographics, and
  • adapting to the rapid increase and globalization of patient data

Data Driven Screens has Improved the Conditions:

  • Making it impossible to identify how big a claim leakage problem is.
  • It has become the best way of identifying and resolving issues by highlighting where the system controls aren’t working. A case study for example, you look at all cases where a patient has received more than one implantable cardiac defibrillator within the last three years. “Whenever this is the case we know it’s incorrect because defibrillators are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty”. And it’s worth reviewing due to the fact defibrillators cost around $65,000 each.
  • There have been cases where hospitals, clinicians and ancillary providers enter the wrong code for treatment. This can result to issues like hospital clinicians not completing patient discharge summaries. Drawing from a field of data science called predictive analytics, a system has been developed that aims to forecast changes in a patient’s condition before the alarms go off.
  • The hospital needs to join force with data driven screens to analyze the data monitors put out, like vital signs or respiratory rates, and assess whether the patient’s condition is at risk of getting worse.

If you have something that could tell you where the hot spots are on the floor, resources could be directed towards the sickest patients.

A New Era

PresentationPoint through data driven screens offers the unique ability to link patient information from these widespread individual databases where doctors and hospitals around the world have collected information on various diseases, their diagnoses and treatments for research. This provides a way that maintains the privacy of the patient and the security of the information.

This established partnership between us and hospitals will develop a range of innovative global service solutions designed to fit into the requirements of hospitals.

Who We Are

As early as 1998, PresentationPoint was founded in Belgium and was set up to build information systems for large airports worldwide.

hospital-notice-boardWith the immense wealth of experience gathered from the airport business, PresentationPoint is the answer in the same functionality but then for a larger audience. Next to airports is now hospitals as well as schools, companies, city halls, police, exhibition halls, banks and many more can make use of our expertise and products. The integration of our products into our software in Microsoft PowerPoint makes it now possible for live information to be displayed on a flat screen or to automate reporting.

PresentationPoint is the digital signage software of choice for many well-known international companies. With over 5000 customers and companies worldwide- NASA, Nestle, Philips, US Air Force, Hewlett Packard, Bayer, Siemens, IBM, Daimler Chrysler, DHL, Boeing, Airbus, Coca-Cola and eBay to name a few, we have up some 12 software operational.

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve and offer unique and highly customizable solutions addressing a variety of operating needs to our clients. Depending on your requirements, our team can structure solutions and offer a wide range of services beyond traditional leasing.


  • Create a playlist of multimedia files and set up when and where they should be displayed.
  • Create automatic distribution over network and internet.
  • Run a notice board on a television screen and show a dynamic presentation with real-time messaging, announcements, instructions, news and much more.

Uses / Advantages

  • personalized hospital reportsWhen you think about all the data elements, every single one reveals something new about the patient. The center of the approach is to analyze all the data the monitors put out as well as heart and respiratory rates and any other vital signs. This helps to access whether the patient’s condition is at risk of worsening or not.
  • With the help of data driven screens and big data analytics, it can help hospitals identify patients showing signs of sepsis, the leading cause of death in non-coronary intensive care units in the U.S. They can even keep monitoring patients who have been discharged.
  • Global information from a great number of patients can be combined, thereby leading to a more effective and powerful research. It also means that we’re not just dependent on our own experience but can actually draw from the world’s experience; for instance, getting information of what a particular variation in DNA means for a particular family.
  • The data visualization software allows researchers to see, access patient data and explore more data than ever before.
  • Gaps in health care can be identified and dealt with faster than before. This is because the data driven monitor can indicate how many patients are being treated by particular hospitals and treatment being offered.
  • It also means that physicians can easily see at a glance instead of going through pages of reports and data, what was done previously and also which of their patients are due for treatment or follow-ups.

Why Choose Us?

Below are what makes us different;

hospital rooms

Our easy to use, affordable PresentationPoint software turns ANY computer screen or television into a high impact multimedia, advertising news, information and announcement system.

  • Affordable services; We guarantee prompt and quality work for a reasonable price.
  • More value for doctors; Digital signs will direct doctors to the patients that need speedy attention.
  • As experts, our many years of experience works by allowing users upload presentations and send them to configured displays which seamlessly replaces any currently showing presentation.
  • Create additional revenue streams; The hospital management can clamor to have their data correctly featured on the digital signage.
  • Trust; We have earned and maintain a truly good reputation i.e. we are tested and trusted. Our customers’ testimonials can give you a better proof of this.
  • Control; The user can control ads based on time of day, season or even where the screen is located.
  • Communication; We maintain close relationship and good communication with our partners. In fact, your schedule is our schedule. We return all calls and emails promptly.
  • Long-Time Partnership.
  • Comprehensive Handling.

Television screens and monitor prices have dropped dramatically over the last few years so a digital signage system is very affordable to set up. Nearly any single, modern Windows based computer can be used to run the software; no need for multiple computers or expensive server.

How Does This Work

The system accumulates a long record of information, and detects changes in relationships between vital signs.

So how does it work?

A “Stability Index” pops up on computer screens that hospital physicians monitor at the cardiac ICU. Doctors pick what they want to measure, and the system then renders risk assessment on a scale from 0 to 4. And since the system accumulates a long record of information, it can easily detect subtle changes in the relationships between vital signs to identify potential problems.

Data driven screens from is an amazing system that is extremely easy to use because it works with a tool nearly every office already uses (Microsoft PowerPoint™) as well as the common video and graphic formats the computer already understands. The user will simply use the player software to play a “playlist” of any PowerPoint, graphics, video and music files that the user wants to show. PresentationPoint will handle the following file formats. User can mix and match them.

  • Microsoft PowerPoint files
  • Graphic Ads (JPEG, PNG, GIF or BMP)
  • Video (AVI, MPEG, DivX, etc.)
  • Flash
  • Music (MP3, WMA)

This ground-breaking solution enables hospitals and clinic caregivers to make fast, real-time data-driven decisions that has an effective immediate impact on patient care and diagnosis, while also reducing healthcare expenditures.

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