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Bokrijk is a large open-air museum in Belgium that consist of authentic relocated buildings, mainly dating from the 17th till 19th century from all over Flanders. In the summer season, historical Flanders comes alive in Bokrijk through numerous actors and re-enactment events.

Project: The Sixties

‘The Sixties’ opened on 30 March 2012 in a part of the Old Town as a permanent extension to the Open-Air Museum. In 2015, the museum will be using part of ‘The Sixties’, to be more precise, the former The Cluyse home, as a space for temporary exhibitions. This will allow us to regularly organize thematic exhibitions in the future, and develop themes in more depth. In 2015 and 2016, ‘The Sixties’ is focusing on music. The first temporary music exhibition opened on 4 April 2015. It contains a selection of posters, iconic record sleeves, images and sounds from programs from this revolutionary period which visitors can look at and listen to. How have 1960’s music styles influenced the artists of today? What did the hippies at Woodstock wear? Which songs were popular in Belgium? The jukebox booms out the biggest No. 1 hits from the then Belgian charts. Unique Flemish and international collection pieces are on display. Inspired by ‘50 years of Jazz Bilzen’, we are also looking back on the 1958–1973 period of this ‘parent of all festivals’. And in the area dedicated to listening upstairs, music journalist and Belgian pop expert Jan Delvaux can be heard telling compelling stories from Belgium’s rich pop music history. Both Rocco Granata and the first ‘rock chick’ get a mention…

Bokrijk and Digital Signage

Since the opening of The Sixties back in 2012, Bokrijk is using PowerPoint presentations to display the available slots to visit the project. Multiple screens on the domain show entrance information for The Sixties. Our DataPoint add-on for PowerPoint is used to link the information on the slides to their sales database directly. The sales booths are selling tickets and you can buy a ticket for a given slot or time frame. A list of the available slots, is shown in real-time on the information screens. Each time a ticket is sold, the number of available tickets, is adapted automatically. Our digital signage software solution iPoint is used to schedule and distribute the PowerPoint presentations to the various information screens at the domain.

people buying tickets at the sales booth
Information screen with entrance and sales information
Ferris wheel at Bokrijk's Winter Evenings

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