PowerPoint presentations are meant to more than to just deliver information; they’re meant to keep the audience’s focus on the topic at hand while delivering that information in such a way that the audience will remember it after walking away from the presentation. Add-ons make accomplishing this easier and simpler. For example, 3-D projections are usually only available to those with the ability to using 3-D rendering programs. 3-D PowerPoint add-ons can make it possible to add a dynamic and interesting way of delivering information. They are also adding a way for the user to dynamically transform 3-D objects during the presentation. Add-ons can facilitate a more dynamic and visually appealing presentation with buttons, design choices and other visual enhancement options. They can add new clip art and graphics that will help to keep the audience’s attention focused on what the user have to say. They can also add new ways of managing the PowerPoint Timeline so that the user can utilize more effective slide transitions. Other free PowerPoint add-ons can add in breaks and other activities that will make the presentations more appealing and easy to follow. This can be done using Flash-based and collaboration activities. These make it easier to foster a response from the audience without having to force a response from the audience. PowerPoint add-ons can extend the ability to interact with the audience in a variety of ways. By making the presentation more dynamic and visually appealing, the user will make the presentations far more effective. Try some of the free add-ons available to the user today to see how they can do this.

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