Have you heard about the much needed 4K PowerPoint Presentations? In the trending world of technology and digitalization, high definition and resolution is a must. Pictures and videos are more tempting and alluring when their visuals are extravagant. The notion and subject of visuals take us to the concept of PowerPoint presentations.

There would be a mismatch between the size of slides and the projector screen size on which you are presenting. That may be the case depending upon the version of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and the medium to execute that. The problem can cost you a lot because it’s all about advertising and digital signage.

Let’s check out the various resolutions available before the 4K PowerPoint Presentations:

The Standard Size – 4:3

The traditional monitor size of computers year back were 4:3. The visuals and display were about 800 pixels by 600 pixels in density. One of the other screen sizes also came with 1280 pixels by 960 pixels on the standard monitor screen. The aspect ratio which is the relation between horizontal pixels to that of the vertical pixels.

The earlier PowerPoint presentations of 2003 and 2007 were made on this 4:3 slide setup. However, with the competing advertising and marketing strategies the 4:3 slides won’t be your best bet. However, they still work well for presentation over multiple media.

Widescreen Size – 16:9

As the PowerPoint has transformed through the years so made the screen resolutions. Nowadays, mostly computers and laptop screens support the 16:9 resolution. It is officially regarded as the widescreen size which is by default setup in your computing machines.

The slide size is always set in inches and or centimeters. The wide screens have a size of 13.33 x 7.5 inches or 33.86 x 19.05 cm approximately. It is quite easy to change your traditional 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9 to feel more immersive and graphic in nature. You can always change the size of your slide from the slide size menu.

HD Resolution

Videos and pictures presented through presentations are more business oriented. Gone are the days when small screen presentations were enough to crack a deal. If you want to advertise well, the high definition should be a must choice.

When using HD resolution, it is said that you are watching the display of 1920 x 1080 pixel density. The problem is that the default size in your Microsoft PowerPoint is not HD which is immensely needed.

However, besides the standard and widescreen size, you can opt for HD by choosing custom slide size. Enter the HD pixel and dimension, and you are all set to rock the digital signage.

4K PowerPoint Presentations

Evolution keeps the consistency alive and never stops. Similarly, what needed was a technology competing the HD resolutions. The one that perfectly fits into your television sets taking you closer to the successful advertising is Ultra HD or 4K.

These are capable of presenting the videos at a resolution of 40% x 2160 pixels which four times the widescreen display. For the customers using digital signage and highly involved in advertising, this technology is a boom.

Just like changing your pixels to HD, you can modify the settings at the slide size page to get the desired television view. With 4K PowerPoint Presentations, you are all set to impress your clients with mesmerizing resolution. These are quite high demand in the visual market. It is time you take your presentation skills up a notch with 4K PowerPoint presentations.

PowerPoint 2019/O365 Can Export to Videos in 4K Resolution

All the digital companies and signage customers will be delighted with the new PowerPoint 2019/O365. The reason is its new features which let you export your media and video files to 4K resolution. Sounds interesting!

All you need to do is go to File -> Export and then choose the file you want to enhance. From the drop-down menu, you are ready to select 4K and export your presentation.

The Best For All Your Needs

With this new state of the art 4K PowerPoint Presentations, you can do everything in a more qualified and professional way. Whenever you have a presentation to make or something to learn from, there is no better solution. Watch the best in 4K. Right from quality slides to an amazing visual experience, the clarity that you get with this 4K Television screen is unparalleled.

The magnificent quality of the product helps you get an experience like never before. Present you thought better with a bigger and more clear screen and visual effect like never before.

This product is sure to etch a mark in the viewer’s mind with its top class features that you will not get with any other 4K television.

A Magnificent screen for everyone

Be it for your child’s education or your workplace presentations, and the screen can be used for all purposes as it has something for everyone. So, experience the benefits of a 4K High-quality big screen right at your disposal.

This 4K television helps in learning in a better way and a more significant and clearer screen. Teach your child in a new and interesting way. When your child learns in this new and advanced way, they are bound to have it in their memory for a long time.

The 4K television screen depicts what you wish to depict with a presentation in the clearest way possible. The screen is easy to use, and at the same time, it is technologically friendly and advanced.

Now you will have a perfect presentation with cool animations, ultra-defined quality, and fabulous transitions.

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure your presentations make its way to the viewers’ eyes the way you want it to be. Get the screen today and have an experience like never before.

Hope the 4K PowerPoint Presentation brings laurels to your workplace. 

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