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When my manager suggested that we put up large monitors in every service providing Mental Health office to give information directly to the clients regarding services, resources and available aid; it seemed like an overwhelming and daunting task. We began to discuss the logistics – what to include, how to include it, and what to do about getting it to the regions. We eventually landed on PresentationPoint as the medium that we would use to transfer this information.

As somebody who is unfamiliar with technical coding, networking and software of this type, and far more familiar with the graphic design aspects; I was unsure when placed at the head of the project. Creating the templates, collecting the data from the seven regions of our state and ensuring that we were providing the most effective and relevant information was a huge undertaking. That’s when PresentationPoint stepped in.

As a government agency, the security and firewall restrictions are extremely high – especially when transferring information, especially something constantly updating and displayed – whether through hard lines or wireless. While we struggled initially to initiate presentations, we began small with basic universal data and soon could expand to regional specific data, RSS weather feeds, and even an external feed Amber Alert connection. While we may have crossed many miles and time zones, the PresentationPoint helpdesk was always willing to do their best to understand and offer links, support and even the most basic guidance to a client who was obviously grossly underqualified to take on such a task.

We have received many comments about the value and effectiveness of the program and how much it has been an aid for clients; whether understanding the services that they will be receiving and that are available to them, resources within their community that may provide necessities like food or utility aid, or even just an inspirational quote or interesting trivia slide to make the wait a little more bearable. Due to the aid and functionality of PresentationPoint and their staff, we have been able to change countless lives for the better. We thank you.

Carissa Meyer

Program System Specialist Automated, Department of Health and Welfare, Division of Behavioral Health

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