infoscreen in airportTechnological advancement has led to the digitization of information. Digitized information allows you to know so much within a limited time frame. This can happen when the information is presented on an infoscreen with as few words as possible and with currently accurate data.

PowerPoint presentation has become an indispensable tool for the conveyance of information of any type. Pieces of information such as data, directions, and instructional materials can all be transmitted by using PowerPoint. When you combine PowerPoint with excellent infoscreen software, the results you get will be phenomenal.

With the use of inoscreen software, it is now possible to disseminate information promptly and automatically. Wayfinding, customer education, real-time communication with employees and clients, queue management, amber alerts, emergency evacuation messages are some of the invaluable uses of information screens.

Information screens are useful anywhere there are people who need information. Airports, shopping malls, hospitals, train stations, conference centers, corporate organizations, schools, sports centers, religious organizations are among the topĀ  consumers of information screen software.

In big complexes such as hospitals, patients and visitors usually need help with directions. A digital signage software can help people navigate their way through the building. As a result, hospital staff will not be distracted or disturbed about getting directions. It is estimated that over $200,000 can be saved annually if hospital staff are not required to give directions.

Patients can also be educated and easily notified about their health conditions with the help of digital signage. It has been observed that patients who have better understanding of their conditions take greater responsibility for their health. The hospital will therefore record less cases of readmission.

Business intelligence is another key application for an information screen. Business data can be obtained and presented in a way that is easy to understand. This presentation allows business owners to make decisions promptly that can impact the business positively. It also furnishes employees with information that can help them do their jobs better and faster.

Waiting in line is one task no one likes. Being on a queue has the potential to affect the mood of a customer. Businesses that have digital signage displays create more satisfied customers than those without it. General information ranging from weather to sports are displayed and automatically updated to show latest data.

In hospitals, patient names can be coded so that their family members can get step by step information about their patients. For instance, family members should know whether their patient is out of surgery or in surgery. Information that relates to the general condition of patients should not require a medic to pass on.

Subways can furnish passengers with information about transportation. While they wait, they can bide time by reading what is on display. People can also know how long they have to wait so that their time can be spent properly. Airports show when flights have to be delayed and why they are delayed. Messages are displayed instructing people on what to do with respect to their flights. Is there need for emergency evacuation? It can be automatically displayed for all to see.

Key performance indicators, labor and equipment effectiveness, complaints receipts, failure recorded are some of the vital statistics that can be made available to stakeholders with a good information screen.

The missing link for your infoscreen

There must be a seamless link between PowerPoint and your infoscreen. Fonts, templates, color selection are tiny details that matter if you want to offer an excellent service. Consider the merits of using PowerPoint as a presentation tool in combination with information screen software such as DataPoint and iPoint.

  1. Compatibility: DataPoint runs smoothly on Windows Operating Systems and it works well with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016.
  2. Connectivity: You can connect your presentation to online sources of information with ease. Sources like RSS Feed, Facebook, Twitter, Google Sheets, XML file, ODBC, OLE DB, Weather Reports, News updates, Google calendar, 0Data, JSON, and Microsoft SharePoint. You can link your charts, tables, text box to these data sources so that your presentation contains only real time information.
  3. PowerPoint is simply a presentation software. It is not designed to store data. How do you make it present daily or weekly statistics? DataPoint can serve the purpose of automated reporting so that your presentation always has current information.
  4. Data has to be presented in a way that is relatable. Ordinary numbers or text can be quite boring or difficult to understand. Infographics, charts and graphs on the other hand produces higher engagement. It enables people to know what the numbers mean and gain better understanding of the text.

The 3 essentials for your infoscreen

Displaying information on a screen requires three things:

  • Clarity
  • Attractiveness
  • Automated updates

The infoscreen software you choose to use must combine all three features in one. DataPoint and iPoint software designed by Presentation Point takes care of these requirements and more.

With DataPoint, you can establish connections in real-time to any data source. This connection ensures that any data in your presentation is up to date. On information screens, the data provided can also be changed automatically as events unfold. Time and resources will not be wasted in trying to fill in new data every time for display.

Finally, you should know that you generate more income when you use PowerPoint as a presentation tool in combination with DataPoint and iPoint tools than without them. It is all a matter of value. When you add value, wealth is a natural consequence for you. Get that edge that information screens software provide!

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