In this real-life case study, we look at how Seven Lakes School in Katy, Texas used our DataPoint software to build a fantastic teacher recognition program at their school. Here is a picture of how the program is shown on screens in the school.
teacher recognition program seven lakes school
Here is a quote from the organizer of the program outlining why they wanted a teacher recognition program, how they set it up and what the impact was:

We are a nonprofit Parent Teacher Student Association supporting Seven Lakes High School (home of the Spartans) in Katy, TX.  We are always looking for creative ways to support our kiddos and teachers, especially given the rules of COVID, and not being present in the school.  We created a recognition program called Spartan Stars.   Students completed a Google Form with notes of recognition for teachers.  We downloaded the notes in Excel, and merged into PowerPoint using DataPoint.  Then we hung the recognition notes in the school for all kiddos and teachers to see.  It was a big hit!  The kids were kind and mature in their thoughts, and the impact on the teachers was priceless.


Thanks so much for DataPoint.  I am a bit of a nerd, and was so happy to find this merge option.  We were able post 171 heartfelt comments, reminding our teachers of the positive impact they have on their students every day.

Teacher Recognition Program - Spartan Stars DP Example
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