Let’s build a data driven SQL presentation that get its information directly from a Microsoft SQL Server database. With DataPoint you can link your slides to a database and display real-time information on your slideshow or view the latest information on your slides when you just open the presentation.

Setting Up a Connection

Click the List button at the connections group of the DataPoint menu.

sql presentation list connections

Select the Microsoft SQL Server node in the tree and then click Add Connection.


Set the connection information; server, username, password, database. You will  get this information from your database administrator.

sql presentation log on as

We return to the connection overview and see that the new sql connection was added. Click the Rename button to change the description and click Enter. Then click the Add Query button to continue the creation of our SQL presentation.


We get a list of tables and views that are declared on the database. Alternatively, you can enter a custom SQL statement or enter a stored procedure call. Select the table you want to use on your slide.


You can change the refresh rate. This is a timer that checks for new or updated data at the sql server. Click OK to close.


You can rename the query and you will find a preview of the selected data. You can also add other connections as well, pointing to other tables and views. Click OK to close this connections form.

Textbox Bindings

Draw some textboxes or tables on your slide(s).

sql presentation add slide and textboxes

Select the textbox and click DataPoint, Textbox. This opens the binding properties form of this textbox.


From the comboboxes, select the data connection, the column and row number of the database field that you want to display here in this textbox. Repeat this step for all other textboxes that you want to link dynamically to the sql server database.

Start the Slideshow

Start the slideshow and DataPoint will check every 5 seconds for new updates. Whenever a change of data is detected, DataPoint will immediately update the linked textbox on your slide. Now you can update the information in your database and leave the slideshow running.

sql presentation slideshow

In this sample, we used some textboxes. But you can use other types of PowerPoint shapes like charts, tables, images etc., to display the latest information from the sql database.

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