In the last article I explained how the user can connect a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to a Microsoft Access database. The example presentation that I created was linked to the demo northwind Access database. In that article I linked and displayed order information with shipped date, ship name and location. The user can see that it was linked to the first row of the orders table. So when we start the slide show, it will continuously display the shipping information of that first row only. But, there are multiple orders in my orders table and all the data is currently not shown.  We can add other slides by duplicating this first slide of my presentation and then on the second slide I can change the linked row numbers to 2, and on the third slide we can set it to row number 3. But where does this end? We can’t predict the numbers of orders in the future, nor can I set up a slide per order now. That would be way to much work.

Presentation maker tool

There is a more elegant way to create virtual slides here in PowerPoint by using DataPoint as before and by just setting one more option in DataPoint. We can open the presentation of the previous article and click to open the DataPoint menu.

click datapoint menu option in powerpoint menu
Click the Scrolling button of the Slide group.
data scrolling button in datapoint menu
Select the data connection at the left.  Check the Enabled check box. We use a step size of 1 row because we want to display rows 1, 2, 3, …
powerpoint data scrolling properties
Set the step time to the number of seconds that we want to use as the duration to display one row at a time. After this time it will jump to the next (1) row on the same slide position.  Click OK to close.

Generate the presentation

When we run the slide show, it will display the first row for 5 seconds and it will show the second row for 5 seconds, then the third row for 5 seconds and so on till all rows of my table are shown. At that end it will go the next physical slide in the presentation.

Can you imagine what a time saver this single setting is?

powerpoint presentation with automatic generated slides by our presentation maker software

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