This story comes from the UK and shows how one of our clients, British Gymnastics, uses DataPoint as scoreboard software for some of their events.

About British Gymnastics

British Gymnastics is the National Governing Body for Gymnastics in the UK. They are based at Lilleshall National Sports Centre, near Telford (in the Midlands).

British Gymnastics is a membership-based organization with almost 400,000 members across around 1500 clubs.

British Gymnastics is responsible for governance of the sport and for providing a range of services to its members. They have a wide range of programs and training courses available for all levels of gymnasts from beginners to elite-level athletes.

Scoreboard Software Needs

British Gymnastics has a comprehensive scoring system for use at larger events. But it was looking for a simpler, more flexible way to be able to display scores and competition results at smaller events, where it was not justified to take the whole system.

The scores needed to be displayed on screens for both the spectators and the gymnasts/coaches in the warm-up hall.

DataPoint as Scoreboard Software

With some Internet research, British Gymnastics found our DataPoint software and that it could be used as scoreboard software. So they developed their own custom scoreboard using DataPoint.

The scoring data was inputted via Microsoft online forms and collated in an Excel spreadsheet. DataPoint was then linked to the spreadsheet for display.

excel back end for scoreboard software - DataPoint

The use of PowerPoint allowed the data to be displayed using the British Gymnastics brand.

They used the ability to scroll pages where there were more results than could display on each slide—something that would have been impossible with a traditional scoreboard!

scoreboard software - British Gymnastics - DataPoint


While developing the scoreboard, British Gymnastics asked our Support team if there was a way to not have the board move to the next slide at the end of the data range as they wanted to simply refresh the same dataset as more scores were added.

We were happy to oblige, and in a timely fashion our founder, Kurt, developed the new feature “PowerPoint advance slides control” for them and it is now available to all users.


British Gymnastics was able to use this product across a range of smaller events and they are considering the use of the product for a different purpose at the forthcoming World Championships in Liverpool.

Closing Thoughts

Thank you to Matthew Greenwood from British Gymnastics for sharing their story and pictures with us.

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If you have any questions about creating sports scoreboards or any other data-driven digital signage concepts, reach out to us.

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