The Super Bowl is thought by many to be the United States’ biggest sporting event. In this article, we will show you how to display the Super Bowl live score in PowerPoint.

This can be used for:

  • Digital Signage: Show the Super Bowl live score to patrons of your coffee shop, bank, airport, pub, hotel, or other business
  • Screensaver: Show updated scores on every computer screen in your organization
  • Presentations: If you have the unfortunate timing to have to do a presentation during the Super Bowl, you can update your audience periodically

Free Super Bowl Live Score PowerPoint Template

We have also included a free Super Bowl Live Score PowerPoint template you can use to show the live scores in your facility or office.

Here is how to use the template (or any other PowerPoint presentation) and connect it to the Super Bowl live score.

The first step is to download DataPoint and install it. DataPoint is a PowerPoint add-on that allows you to connect your PowerPoint presentations to a wide range of data sources, including sports scores.

Click here to install DataPoint if you don’t already have it.

Once you have installed DataPoint successfully, open the Super Bowl template we provided or your own PowerPoint presentation. You will see a new tab called DataPoint.

superbowl slides with static scores
Next, we need to find a source for the Super Bowl live score. DataPoint can handle a wide range of sources like excel files, most databases, text files and RSS feeds.

For the purpose of this article, we have created a simple Microsoft Access database to hold the scores. As you can see in the simple table, it merely includes the name of each team and the current score.

Once you have the database created, you can save it on your hard drive or on a network share. You will need a way to update the scores. This can be done by manually updating the database or exporting the scores from another source if you can find them.

superbowl ms access database table with score data
Now that we have the Super Bowl live score database created and saved, we need to connect it to our PowerPoint Presentation.

Open the template we provided or your own presentation, then click on the DataPoint tab, then the List option from the menu.

use datapoint menu in powerpoint to display superbowl scores
When the DataPoint Connections menu comes up, click on Add Connection then choose Microsoft Access to connect to the Access Super Bowl live score database we created and saved earlier.
superbowl add database connection to slide
The next window that comes up will let you browse on your hard drive to find the database with the scores. Once you have found the database using the Browse button, then click on OK.
browse for superbowl score database
Now we want to click on the Add Query button in connections to pull the data we want out of the database.
select query for superbowl score in powerpoint
Find the data you want, then set how often you want the presentation to update and click on OK.
super bowl query properties
Now we want to connect the text boxes on our template to the data.

Click on the first text box for the Home team and then click on the DataPoint tab, then click on the Text Box menu choice. The Text box connection menu will come up.

superbowl home name linked
Choose the Column and Row of the Home Name you would like to show in the Home text box. Then repeat the process for the Visitor Name. Check the Preview below to ensure it is showing the right name.
link visitor name
Now we will repeat the process to insert the score. Click on the Home Score text box and click on DataPoint then Text Box.

Choose the column and row that shows the Home Score. Check the Preview below to ensure it is showing the right score.

Repeat this process for the Visitor Score.

connection to home score field
set up link to visitor score of a superbowl game
Now review your final results. It should show the current Super Bowl live score.

Run the PowerPoint presentation and then change the score in the Access database and watch to make sure the presentation updates?

Questions about how to implement any of this? Just ask.

slide completely linked to superbowl score
superbowl slideshow with dynamic scores

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