In this video and article, we provide a non-profit digital signage case study, showing how Bravo Ambulance uses our DataPoint software to communicate with their dispatchers, paramedics, and other team members. Thanks to Tony Napoli, President of Bravo Ambulance for sharing this great story.

Watch the video to see snapshots of their digital signage in action.

Here is their welcome screen, showing the date and time.
Non-profit digital signage case study - Bravo Ambulance
And here is their detailed screen, showing:
– which ambulances are in service
– which ambulances are on runs
– which crew members are on shift
– who the dispatchers and alternates are
– which hospitals can accept emergency patients

This screen takes information from a Microsoft Access database and uses DataPoint to show the information in PowerPoint in real-time.

Bravo Ambulance Dashboard in PowerPoint
In addition they have set up a screen for news from their various departments.
Department News Dashboard - Bravo Ambulance
They also added local breaking news to their PowerPoint presentation.
Local Breaking News Dashboard - Bravo Ambulance
And Bravo Ambulance’s final slide in their presentation is local weather – a critical thing to monitor when you need to get an ambulance to people quickly to save their lives.
Local Weather Dashboard - Bravo Ambulance
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