In this real-life case study, we visit the Montreal Torah Center to see how they are using DataPoint in to create a raffle results screen for fundraising events for their non-profit organization.

The Montreal Torah Center is a synagogue and community center located in Hampstead, Quebec, Canada.

The Center holds an annual cocktail dinner and raffle to raise funds for their organization. The problem they were experiencing was to be able to show the raffle winners in real-time.

They found our DataPoint software and created a real-time raffle results screen using PowerPoint showing the prizes and winners while they are drawn. As Raffle tickets are pulled from a drum they entered them in the excel sheet linked to the PowerPoint (using DataPoint) which displayed it to the feed which was being viewed live by some 800 devices.

They commented that the software “Gave us a clean full-screen professional view of the data we were displaying.”

Here is a video showing how the raffle results screen worked. We have set the entry time on the video to be at the point where the raffle results screen comes on the channel, but you can rewind the video to see how the Center ran the entire event.

PresentationPoint does have special rates for registered non-profit organizations and charities, so contact us if you would like to learn more about how our software can help your non-profit with fundraising, communication, or digital signage.

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