Download our free New York weather template for PowerPoint. This template displays the current weather conditions, the high temperature and low temperature of the day, as well as the forecasted weather for the next five days.

This free New York weather template will display the current temperature and the next 5 days’ weather forecast.

This template has prebuilt connections to our weather server using DataPoint so it will run out-of-the-box if you have DataPoint installed with no need for design work or creating database connections.

New York Weather PowerPoint Template 1

All you have to do is download this file, open it using PowerPoint and run the slideshow. If you are already a DataPoint user, the weather will update automatically. If you do not have DataPoint yet, you can sign up for a free trial to test DataPoint and the weather template.

You can use this template to display live weather information from New York on your digital signage screens or on any Windows computer. This is great for coffee shops, stores, offices, or anywhere else that would like to create engagement for their patrons. You can also add your own PowerPoint slides for news, product or brand information, special offers, advertising, polls, feedback, and more.

To run the template, you will need a Windows-based player/computer, a recent version of PowerPoint, and our DataPoint software to run the template. You can use tools like Intel Compute Sticks or other Windows-based stick PCs to turn any HDMI television into a weather forecast monitor.

Download your free New York weather template here.

Want to show live weather forecasts for other cities? DataPoint can be used to create your own live weather forecast dashboard for any city. We created this New York version as a demo to show what is possible and to make it even easier to show live weather forecasts right away.

Interested in a premade template for cities other than New York? Contact us.

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