Here are some fundraising PowerPoint ideas to help you use PowerPoint for fundraising for your organization.

1: Public Speaking Opportunities

Public speaking is a great way to use PowerPoint for fundraising. You can speak in front of hundreds of people and get the message out about the community you help and your need for funds.

2: Tell Your Compelling Story

Our society is a lot more about stories than most people think. Look at movies, TV shows, books, and even video games. At their heart they are all storytelling and we all love a great story. One of the great benefits that a non-profit or charitable organization has over corporate marketing campaigns is that the non-profit has compelling stories that can tug at the heartstrings. So tell an amazing story to help with your fundraising and use powerful PowerPoint images and slides to illustrate your story.

3: Sharing Your Goals with Fundraising PowerPoints

When people donate, they like to know where their money is going and how it is being used. So show what it is your organization will be doing with the money raised. Show illustrations or pictures of the projects you have in progress and images of the people you are helping.

4: Grant Proposals & Pitch Decks

Pitch decks aren’t just for business startups. A well-designed PowerPoint pitch deck is a great way to show funders why YOUR organization is their best choice for their funding choices.

Fundraising PowerPoint - Show Metrics

5. Show Powerful Metrics

People love to see the numbers relating to a project and numbers can be very powerful. In the example slide above, I referenced the Samburu Project, Kenya which showed these numbers:

  • 84 wells drilled in Africa
  • 80,000 people now have clean drinking water

This is a great metric to show. 80,000 people’s lives have been transformed – a powerful number and a great part of your compelling story. You can use PowerPoint and our add-on DataPoint to connect these numbers in real-time to your databases.

6. Live Fundraising Meters

You can use PowerPoint and our add-on DataPoint to connect a fundraising meter live to your fundraising campaign numbers as the donations come in. These numbers can be shown on meter styles like thermometers, gauges, or using intriguing infographics.

7. Fundraising Event Digital Signage

Having a fundraising event? Put up digital signage at the event and create a playlist of fundraising messages, facts, stories, trivia, and fun things happening at the event.

8. Digital Signage Donation Requests

You can also promote your fundraising messages through your existing digital signage or on digital signage advertising networks.

9. Digital Billboards Donation Campaign

Go big! Why not create or advertise your campaign on digital billboards? Digital billboards are fast replacing the old-style wooden billboards we commonly see on roadsides.

10. Fundraising Event Promotion

Do you have an upcoming fundraising event? Promote the event on your existing digital signage network, or advertise your event on digital signage advertising networks in your city.

12. Live Auction Results

Having a charity auction? You can use DataPoint to show live auction results.

13. Raffle Results

Everyone loves a raffle. Here is an example showing how the Montreal Torah Centre uses DataPoint in a fundraising PowerPoint to show live raffle results.

14. Volunteer Recruitment & Messaging

Looking for volunteers or staff for your organization? Digital signage and PowerPoints are a great way to encourage people to support your organization by volunteering.

15. Donor Recognition

You can show donor appreciation and branding at events or use digital screens to rotate through donors instead of using plaques on a wall.

If you have questions about how non-profits are using our software to create fundraising PowerPoints, check out these non-profit case studies. You can also contact us with your questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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