Visual Communication refers to the transmission of ideas and information using imagery and symbols. Visual Communication is nothing using visuals like graphs, charts, clip art, and diagrams to represent information. Visual Communication plays a significant role in our everyday life. Key activities such as presentation, learning, and SEO all involve visual Communication to some degree. If designed well, then visual Communication may offer numerous benefits. In the modern information epoch and fast-paced community where time is limited, visual Communication helps to convey information in a better and more convenient way. Some of the main benefits of visual Communication include generation enjoyment, cross-cultural Communication, instance conveyance, and ease of understanding.

Advantages of Visual Communication

Some of the main benefits of visual communication include:

  • Visual aids can deliver information more directly
  • Visual communication is more flexible than verbal communication
  • Visual aids are more attention-grabbing and engaging
  • Research has been able to establish that visual communication makes an impact on the audience.
  • Visual aids also help to improve the credibility of the message

Disadvantages of Visual Communication

Some of the main drawbacks of visual communication include:

  • Most visual methods of communication are expensive when compared to other methods, such as verbal communication
  • There are instances when visual aids may be sophisticated, and this makes it hard for the receivers to understand
  • Visual communication is often called incomplete because it usually requires other methods of communication to pass the full message
  • Developing visual communication often takes time; as such, the process is wastes time, which is a valuable resource

Application of Visual Communication


In PowerPoint presentation, visualization helps the audience to understand and focus on the main topics in the presentation. Visualization communication is ideal for PowerPoint because it is a fast way of conveying information to the audience. Fundamentally, PowerPoint Presentations are developed to be visualization tools that are used to convey information without using a lot of words.

Dynamic Security

People can use security signs to indicate surveillance. This help may act as a loud and effective means to discourage a brash burglar. By tactically placing signs near easy access windows and back entrances in order to improve the overall safety. An example of a security sign is illustrated below.


The best illustration of the wayfinding signs is traffic signs. These signs give you information about the rules for land use, traffic direction, speed, turning, and parking, among other special circumstances. These visual communications are essential because they help to transmit or convey information instantly to drivers. This information, in many cases, maybe important and may even result in saving lives and avoiding road accidents. Examples of a traffic sign are illustrated below.

Tourist Information

Tourist signs are often brown in color, and they are, at times, referred to as brown signs. These signs are developed as traffic signs with the sole purpose of directing tourists to visit tourist destinations, including tourist regions, historical buildings, museums, picnic areas, campsites, and sporting facilities, etc. Examples of tourist signs include.

Evacuation Instructions

Evacuation signs are quickly are essential in emergency situations because they are used to easily and quickly direct people to the nearest emergency shelter, evacuation route, or assembly area. This instruction can be extremely helpful when people are in distress in the face of danger because they help to convey information quickly. An illustration of the evacuation sign is illustrated below.


Visual communication refers to visual means of passing information to a particular audience quickly without having to use words. The use of visual communication offers interactive, user-friendly, and responsive means of sharing information. Visual information should be developed to ensure that they are able to pass information to receivers seamlessly.

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