Forget old, static billboards! Digital billboards let you add movement and video to your advertising and to show hundreds of messages instead of a single message.

Why Digital Billboards?

With digital billboards, you can show a playlist of multiple ads instead of a single ad. Digital also includes ever-changing graphics and motion to catch the eye. Digital is easy to change and manage from a central location.

Why a Digital Billboards Advertising Network?

Individual company digital signage is only in one place – on their own facility. Digital billboard advertising networks reach more screens and people and can be all over town or even all over the country. You can charge clients to advertise on your network.

What Kinds of Content can be Shown?

You can show anything on your billboards that can be shown on a computer screen. This includes

  • Video
  • Images (jpg, gif, etc.)
  • PowerPoint
  • Audio
  • Real-time data
  • News
  • Weather
  • Sports scores
  • Investment pricing
  • Upcoming events
  • Countdowns

Attracting Clients

Of course with any business, you need to be able to attract clients. With your own advertising network already in place, you can advertise on your billboards with messages such as “Caught you looking” or “Imagine your message here”

You can also approach businesses located close to your billboards and join and promote at local business networking groups.

Philanthropic Advertising

Consider setting aside some of your advertising inventory for supporting charitable or social programs and public service announcements (PSAs).

This might include:

  • Offering reduced pricing for charities
  • Offering advertising grants charities apply for
  • Some free messaging to a different charitable organization each month
  • Or choosing one charitable organization you would like to support

What will you need?

Here are some basic tools/things you will need to get started

  • Locations with power
  • Screens (if outdoors, need to be built for this)
  • Player hardware (Internet-connected)
  • Playlist management software (talk to us)
  • Clients who want to advertise

What to Look for in Digital Billboards Software

  • Ability to handle a wide range of ad formats
  • Ability to manage playlists
  • Ability to schedule playlists and ads
  • Reporting function to show how many times a client’s ad has been shown

PresentationPoint Digital Signage Software

We highly recommend using PowerPoint for editing and creating your digital signage. Our software is built to work with PowerPoint so you don’t need to learn clunky, proprietary design software from digital signage companies.

We recommend DataPoint for showing live data, news, weather, events, and other information on your digital billboards advertising network and iPoint or SignageTube for playlist management.

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