Many businesses have screens they want to put signage up on. Up to now, that’s been a pain. You have to create something in one program and manually load it to the screen. Changing it is a lot of work, until now.

SignageTube makes all of this a lot easier. And now, we’re making SignageTube free for life.

The Free Plan: The free plan is for one screen, up to 1GB of free storage on our servers. You also get free access to our templates and unlimited bandwidth.

Get started using SignageTube to share everything you want on a screen.

What to Share with SignageTube

Using SignageTube, you can share anything you want. Stock prices, auction events, news, weather, sales updates, and much more. With the familiarity and ease of PowerPoint, SignageTube lets you update screens with any information you want your customers, your staff, or the entire world to know.

PresentationPoint releases free digital signage platform with SignageTube

How Signage Tube Works

SignageTube makes it simple to broadcast anything you want, from static images to video to updated PowerPoint slides to any screen.

The system doesn’t require any special wiring.

  1. Create the image you want in PowerPoint.
  2. Use SignageTube to send it to the screen(s) you want.
  3. Change it any time.
  4. Using DataPoint and some of our other products, you can auto-update, add graphs and charts, and much more.

SignageTube makes it easy to update and share anything you want.

If you choose to sign up for a paid plan on SignageTube, you’ll be able to control as many screens as you need, all from a single dashboard.

Why We Use PowerPoint

Because SignageTube uses PowerPoint as its base program, there’s nothing new to learn. If you can make a PowerPoint slide or presentation, you can use SignageTube. It’s really that easy. Images, text, even video, can be streamed directly to a screen anywhere in the world.

Playlists on SignageTube

Using a calendar function, you can run playlists on your screens. New displays can pop up automatically.

This allows you to adapt your screens to events happening at any given time.

For retail, you can automatically have your screens update to the latest sale. Businesses can announce new in-house contests, congratulate staff, or post revenue figures in a timely fashion.

With playlists, your screens are a consistent and effective part of your marketing.

How to Get Started

Getting started with SignageTube is simple. Create an account, connect to the screen you want to control, and create your first slide or presentation in PowerPoint.

Since the account and one screen is free for life (!), you’re able to experiment, learn to use SignageTube, and realize the power of this amazing service.

We’re Here to Help

Help is available 24/7 from our team. All you have to do is reach out to us and we’ll take care of whatever you need.

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